How Low Can You Go? by Channie Centara

Sometimes even the most advanced Spiritual being, doesn't know it All. And maybe the most important of all higher Knowledges and Truths, simply need to come from another source and direction, other than that Higher Space where it originally sprang from. Maybe the carrier and messenger of such a Knowledge and Truth need to be the smallest and most insignificant being, from the lowest of Worlds. And maybe that's the reason why that someone could hold, carry and transfer just that kind of Higher Knowledge and Truth.

Many times High Beings look down on us and care for our wellbeing and Spiritual growth. From up there, it is easy to have an eagle's perspective and view of our lives and future. They know so much and seem so superior. But what if they one day understood that no matter what they do know, we down here, can both seek and find the biggest and deepest of all Knowledges and Truths. That we can teach our Higher Selves and beyond even that level, things that they simply don't know, or reach. That's why we have the classes about The Beyond, The Holy Divine Structure which is the Highest of Knowledges and Truths in the All.

The Beyond

The Beyond or The Holy Divine Structure, is where Everything sprang from. All There Is has a beginning, and this is It. But as we went along and away from that, we forgot about its importance and existence. And the more advanced you became, the more your memory of that fell into the shadows in the forgotten land of Truth. So we tagged along, happy and content, even though The Beyond kept on calling us from far away. The Beyond, The Holy Divine Structure, and all its beauty, knowledge and truths want us to awaken from our dreamy existence of reality, as we see it. Because in The Beyond lays the Truths.