Information about Beyond 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

The Beyond Class 1

In the way that humans have learned on Earth, there is generally a linear time line that is referred to, that has a beginning and moves toward an ending. But the human being on Earth knows very little, if anything, about The Beginning of Everything and how it All started. It could be said, also, that the human being on present Earth knows very little, if anything, about where “everything” is going and what an “ending” could even be about. Education of this nature could be referred to as education about “The Beyond.” Or “The Before.” It could be said that: wherever the human being's understanding of “The Beginning” begins… there is a lot before that.

There is a “border” of understanding and a real “Border” in The Reality that separates The Color Creations from What is before and beyond them. This Knowledge has been hidden, even from the people in Our Universe. Across this “Border” there are players in an enormous Game. Some of these players may be working across the “Border” and be living next door to you, on Earth, in bodies as humans or animals. Much has been hidden for many reasons, for some knowledges have lost energy in being told before the right Time.

More About The Beyond Class 1

On Earth a lot of things are studied in a certain order that is sort of linear. This is a course that is like a sketch, in one way. It is a very shortened version of how things started. There are many details and connections and understandings that are left for a later time, or for The Beyond Class 2 or The Beyond Class 3 and even 4 and 5. Knowledge needs to settle.

Channie mentions about bread crumbs being given, which always reminds me of the fairytale story of Hansel and Gretel. They dropped breadcrumbs on the forest floor so that they could find their way back home. A breadcrumb is not the whole piece of the bread puzzle, but a small morsel, leading in the right direction. When a lot of breadcrumbs are assembled you have a better possibility of seeing how the puzzle really is put together.

The First Class is like throwing out many breadcrumbs, in order to assemble a certain understanding. They are like bookmarks to be placed in the mind and in the heart, that you can return to, again and again, and see more deeply into the Truth within the information. Remember that everything is energy. Every word, color, thought, action, melody, symbol, feeling,—every nuance indeed—is energy. Energy affects energy. Since we are energy beings in the process of raising our frequency/vibration/energy, the energy of knowledge, information, understanding, and wisdom can lift our frequencies and change us into some other form of energy. Higher knowledge, therefore, raises our frequencies and is part of our evolving process.

This material is offered as a precious energy gift that will fill in many of the blanks that the human mind, heart and memory has difficulty recalling. We have all known there is more to know. And a Much Bigger Picture going on. The Beyond Education is beyond words. It answers where everything everywhere existing ever came from and even how. And it goes step by step. The difference, so far in how the education advances, it that it presently back into the True Beginning. So Class 1 has a start, but Class 2 goes further back. Class 3 fills in much more. And Class 4 enters into “The Before” which is a before level of The Beyond. Class 5 backs us into what we call The Beginning.

With each class, there is a Teacher Force that is used, one or more Initiations (which can be done by distance) and other special things around it. I have been authorized and personally trained by Channie to teach these classes, either in person or on-line. The majority of people have received it online, which has enabled people all over the world who are ready and desiring this, to receive it easily and in a short amount of time.

The Initiations for Classes 1–4 have changed over the small time that it has been taught on Earth. To me that is a celebration of how much energies are changing and just how much more a human being can take in, of higher energies.

A lot of work went into the creation of the curriculum of these special classes. Each word has to be in the right way for the vibration and the pages are many with a lot of information carefully selected for the best result of opening up people to a higher level of understanding. This class information brings you into a new way of things, it changes your life if you allow it to do so. There are many parts of it that you have to realize or understand yourself. There are some parts which you want to maybe go into deeper by meditation and so on. But allow yourself the time to read, reflect, and understand and you will be rewarded with an understanding that not many people on this Earth have. Channie has said that just holding the pages of these courses can open up a person. Remember everything is energy. She also feels that putting copies of the papers and maps under the bed, helps to bring in the frequency to the person, during sleep.

Maybe the very best is to be able to go to a class personally and physically. The energy in a class is amazing. But Channie and I both knew that there would be people who couldn’t really come to a class. So it is available as a kind of “correspondence course.” You get it by email, and you then also have me as a little bit of a help, standing beside you, if you need to talk to someone, as your concepts change, or if you have some questions. Maybe you need to share with someone how your life is changing from this course. As long as I can, I will answer every letter.

What is Included in the First Beyond Class

This class is either physical or as an email class.

The cost of the first class is $425 US. This is what it cost for people to travel here and come to the 2– day physical class. Channie and I felt we should keep it the same. One reason for this is that when a person comes to a class, there is a beginning and an ending of the time a Teacher puts into a class. With a correspondence course, this isn't the case. With this as an email class and its structure, I spend time with each person, individually, with their questions, Initiations, orders and in some cases mail or phone queries. You can pay for the first class on the website, or by giving me a credit card number that I can run through my website. You can also choose to send a US Money Order, but a credit card is faster. Then I can email you the course in one day and mail you the map.

There is one more thing. In the Introduction to this class it was suggested that this course be read in the order in which it was put together. In other words, please don’t skip to the end before reading the first part. When Channie was training me in this, it was necessary to put a few things on the canvas, before other things could be added. It is a step by step process, like everything else. It sort of jumps around but it ends up in the best way if a person starts at the beginning (which isn’t the beginning) and proceeds to the end (which takes you back to the beginning). See what I mean?

The Beyond Class 2

The second class in The Beyond is a 3-day physical course that has much more detail and a lot more information. It really fills out and builds upon the first class, making the knowledge more substantial. The basic curriculum is over 90 pages. It took months to write, over a period of an ongoing education I had with Channie, that led to the birth of these classes. The content of this class takes your breath away. There is no place on Earth where answers like this to questions about the True Origin of Life and Love and the Total Beginning have ever been shared.

While the first class lays a beautiful foundation, that is sturdy and constructed to hold up the house, the second class is like the doors and windows and rooms themselves, to walk through into even greater Understanding in Spirituality. Soon we can see that the foundation begins to make more sense and that the structure that begins to come together, begins to be a great and gorgeous Mansion, which gives us the comfort of many of our questions answered and acknowledged. It gives us a new place in which to live with our hearts and with our minds. And it gives us a certain Peace that comes with Understanding.

During this class we discovered that some knowledges spread out from the top downwards and other knowledges are meant to spread from the bottom upwards. This is one of those classifications. The True Knowledge of The Beyond has been sort of a secret in the Universe, waiting for Divine Timing. It has been a hidden Knowledge for every Color Creation and everywhere. No one had this education except for those living in The Beyond, until Channie brought it to us. For this reason, our Higher Selves do not know The Beyond information. (Since it is being taught now in our Universe, many of our Higher Selves are hearing about it and learning about it now. But it is coming into them First Hand when it comes through YOUR Consciousness!)

We have bodies or frequencies in The Beyond even while knowledge of The Beyond have been sort of hidden from us, in our other bodies. There are reasons for this. And this is also one reason why it is so incredible that we can learn this. Our Higher Selves begin to take it in, through us, when we are learning it. And then our Higher Selves can pass it over to "their" Higher Self. Of course those in The Beyond know it. But part of the wonder of this class is that our Higher Selves, guides, angels and many Masters can begin to learn about The Beyond through our education here. That is why Channie wrote the file "How Low Can You Go?."

During the first class that Channie taught of Beyond 2, she spontaneously made 5 cassette tapes that I transcribed, so there are another 90 pages of information. We have decided to offer the transcriptions of the 5 tapes and the materials that go along with them. It contains a lot of wisdom and a lot of information that is either further explanation to Class 2 or even new information that wasn't first included. She went into some very interesting topics and I believe it is really very important.

What is Included in the Second Beyond Class

I also wanted to say, that as in the first class, I will be teaching this class in person, but, so far, many people are ordering it by email. When a person orders this course, they are also getting a correspondence with me, if they want it. I am not saying that I know all the answers, but if I can help, I will try to be of help. I have made myself available as much as I can to stand with this course for I have been authorized to teach it. So I am sort of like a counselor, who walks with this Course close to my heart and I will walk with you, now and then, if you want me to.

I hope that these words have explained how this very special set of classes have come about a little bit. If you have any questions, I am here to help you to get this education, if it is something that you want.

The Beyond Class 3

The Beyond 3 is a 3-day Course. It is an educational experience of such refined and high frequency that I would call it life-changing. This is a class that a person's Higher Self(s) is truly wanting to you to take because when you do, that part of you takes in it in a really good way.

With each successive course in The Beyond, it gets increasingly more difficult to write a synopsis of what the class is about. The Beyond 3 class reaches heights and levels that have not been experienced before in any class situation on this planet. The material is quite a bit more advanced and there is more of it! There are 18 pages that totally changed my life. In the course, these pages are in the section that is called "The Beginning." Those pages are an Initiation. But the story told goes into a part that takes place before The Beyond, in a Reality, we call The Before. I say that we call it this or that, because, truthfully, it has no words. All of this Knowledge comes from so far away and there are no "words," especially in any Earth language that could describe these realities.

…"Before Nothingness, Something and Everything (The All), One Total Voice of The Higher Heavens was the Beginning. The Higher Heavens that The Total Voice stepped out of is, in our world of today and with our minds now, impossible to understand. It represents Nothing and Empty Space. So, The Total Voice just Was and Is the Beginning of Everything and All"…

"Nothingness has no border, no beginning and no end. It only Is. Nothingness is not empty; just an untried solution. An empty paper with a possible beginning, or not. Nothingness rests until Something changes that. Then Nothingness becomes Something and that Something becomes Everything…”

The middle part of the course contains the most number of pages. There are over 287 pages in the original course, and the topics are in-depth.

There is also a surprising and remarkable Ending Part for this course. The section is called "The Game Behind The Game. Where Did The Higher Heaven Come From? The Beginning for The Ending."

"The thing is that we call it The Higher Heaven. And there has been more than one Game"…

What is Included in the Third Beyond Class

Channie said this in the first Beyond 3 course:

…”Everything is represented in The Beyond, in the vibration. But also every one is within The Beyond, in some form or some frequency or quality, represented. And how you can say that that little map, like the first one that you had, that everyone can fit in there? It is because, if we look at the Hubble telescope they see about 200 million galaxies, vaguely understands that it is around that. And in each galaxy there are about 400 million inhabited planets in some level of things. There are, of course, dimensions that are heavier or lighter than others. But, still, about 400 million planets that can be inhabited in one galaxy. And each planet could have 10—20 billion creatures/beings/people/whatever living there. That is kind of a lot of things. I don't think it is so nice in our ordinary human way of expression, so nicely found out that we have numbers to how many we would be, in this Creation. And that is only The Blue Creation. And then there is like Yellow, and Green and all the other Colors…”

The cost of the third class is $425.00 US whether it is an email class or a physical class. With the email class, again, I offer myself as a person to dialogue with about The Beyond and/or answer questions if I can.

The Beyond Class 4

With each successive Beyond course, it gets more difficult to write a synopsis of what the class is about. The Beyond 3 class reached heights and levels not experienced before in any class situation on this planet. That is, until The Beyond 4 class. Maybe the most wonderful and unique thing about this class, is that even those who could not attend the 2-day physical class with Channie, will, upon receiving the class by distance, have a direct experience of her, with her and by her, via the audio recordings that she made. The audio files contain, of course, the frequency of her voice and language. But more than that, they contain a unique Quality that I find difficult to put into words. Every word that she spoke was carefully chosen and the entire class was done in layers. That something makes this course a one-of-a kind course, that I call not a class but an "experience." Because the class was created in this special way, it became exceptional, totally distinctive, and matchless. For that reason it was more like a lecture, in that there were little or no distractions, questions, or interruptions, except at the appropriate time for questions. This enabled Channie to create the recording in a way that could only be accomplished by her. There are hidden Initiations and things that Channie has done with these recordings that could not be duplicated. You will feel the energy and frequency of this kind of a class—a class that I call High Class and in a Class of its own.

The fourth part of The Beyond classes goes further back than Beyond 3 went. What if there was another Border to The Beyond, going the other way, into where The Beyond came from? There is, and it can be called "The Before." And what if that were still not the True, True Beginning? Would you be interested in taking one more Huge Step into what was even before That? It could be called "The Beginning." It is a whole other dimension for the mind and heart to comprehend. And yet this is not about dimensions as we have heard of them. All of this is way way way way back before there were any dimensions or planets. It is said that "If there is Something that has no level of anything before It, that Beginning Place would hold the Key to Everything Existing, because that would be even more than The Totality of Everything Divine."

This level of the class is very much different than the other classes have been. If you take this course online, there are only 42 written pages that will be emailed to you. But you will receive a compressed CD. When you decompress it, it makes 8 audio CDs containing the two days of the actual class with Channie.

In that class there are 3 major Meditations and there are also Hidden Initiations. By listening to these CDs you connect with the frequency and you will receive the hidden Initiations. This class also has a very new and very strong Initiation. And there are very new Initiation/Meditations and Meditations. After the class, the connection and understanding of the class deepens and will allow you to have a wider view and a broader spectrum. On this level it could be said that a person will begin to work with themselves for the continuation of growing into the Purest Highest Creative Form of Yourself.

This education will lead you to find out more for yourself and about yourself. We live on the lowest level, Earth, a World 1 planet. And in this course you will learn how to connect with a unit of Energy where we are all One and which could be called your Purest, Highest Creative Form of yourself. There is a unique experience that is both revelatory and important in doing work, when we connect the highest and the lowest together.

The cost of this class is $425 US. Again, the best flow is to take Beyond 3 and 4 together, although it is not a requirement.

The Beyond Class 5

As you probably know and feel, there is a lot more to the story of The Beyond, The Before and The Beginning. Such as, how did The Beginning get its start? And who and what stands in The Beginning and what takes place there? In this class, in one direction, we come to understand more about the True Beginning and downward. But the material will also cover how Everyone and Everything moves in the other direction; from the Color Creations into The Beyond, from Beyond into The Before, and what happens with The Beginning that brings Everyone and Everything back Home.

This whole experience of documenting and writing down all of this Knowledge and information, and the whole writing of all of The Beyond courses has been a journey which has taken us, step by step, to the Higher Levels of Everything and the complete Understanding of Everything. When people (readers) are taking their steps, it cannot be explained from the very beginning exactly how everything really is… That means that there are things that will be explained in a more precise way or even in a different way, as the education unfolds. The Beyond 5 Course unfolds and goes where no course has gone before!

This class right now is taught by Channie. We can also teach it together, online. When we do it that way, I do a 45 minute Pre-Initiation that is scheduled and Channie does the bigger Initiation(s). There are 113 pages that are written and emailed to you. The bulk of the class is on CDs in Channie’s voice. There are meditations and hidden openings within the class. I really don’t know what else to say about this. Words feel somehow too simple.

The cost for this class is $700 US.

If you have gone to Level 4 of the Beyond education please contact Wistancia by email or phone: 650-729-3050.