What’s New

Beyond 6 Classes

The Beyond 6 class, The Inner Worlds’ Secrets by Channie West is a different kind of class. It is true that a person needs to have studied Beyond 1-5 to take Beyond 6. But it is different from the others in many ways that are not easy to explain. Maybe it is because the course, I would say, goes into explanations of many things that are kind of inexplicable. Read more About The Beyond 6 Class.

The Sun Board

I am now working with The Sun Board. It is the strongest Board of Knowledge. Read more about The Sun Board.

The Board of Knowledge

I am extremely honored and humbled to be working with The Board of Knowledge 5 now. It is The Holy Board. All regular sessions that I perform will be utilizing Boards 1–5. The exceptions to this are The Board 4 “specific group sessions” and specific upgrades. Stay tuned since there will soon be more Board 5 possibilities and The Absolute Board as well. I am also working with Board 5 Waters that are extremely important and strong.

New Universal White Time Healing Initiations

As a Supreme Teacher, I am authorized to initiate students, teachers and Higher Teachers with the New Universal White Time Healing Initiations.

If you are interested in receiving student or teacher or higher teacher New Initiations, please contact Ariiah for more information).

Channie’s Newsletters

Channie has Newsletters that are giving wonderful and informative information as well as detailed instructions now about our going up to the Higher Vibration as a planet, and taking our Big Step to The New Earth. If you want to find out more, you can ask me and I will put you in touch with the person from which you can begin to receive these Newsletters.

Wishes and Channeling with Board 4

The work with Board of Knowledge 4 is Divine and, therefore, it enters at the soul and atomic level in the body. It affects the whole body, aura, emotions, psyche and soul in a Divine way. For this reason, I can work with Special Signs from The Board of Knowledge 4, Board 4 Holy Waters, and your personalized Wishes. Please read about Making Wishes in the Board 4 section.

I will also now work with a special channeling using Board of Knowledge 4. Please call or email me if you wish to do this. Please read about Channeling with The Board 4 in the Board 4 section.