A Little About Me

This is a new profile. It is a new beginning. I am a new person.
I will call it Ariiah’s Profile because Ariiah is one of my names.

About My Process 2/09–still going.

My New Introduction

I want to introduce myself to you on this page. I am Ariiah and I am a different Soul than Wistancia was. I am wearing her body. I have kept this a secret for a few years as I was adjusting to the new frequency and to being here. This body has undergone a rather large-sized “Initiation” that has lasted already over 4 years. It began in February, 09 when the current body lost its etheric particles. And it is still going on. But I am much more settled and very happy with the new experiences.

Wistancia Stone and BrieA'nah teaching

All through the life of this body’s first host, Wistancia, she was involved in taking steps. Everyone is. Eventually she took a really big step and that led to me entering the body with my consciousness and Soul. When she took that step, I don’t think she had any remembrance or knowledge that she was opening the door to leave the Earth, as a Soul, herself. It happened pretty quickly. Her first awareness was when she lost her body’s etheric particles. It is not easy to describe how it really works. But in one way, it could be said that that was when I entered this body, in February 2009. When her Soul left the body, a different Soul entered and it was me. I have two names but I am going by Ariiah now. I guess I am taking baby steps in my explanation of this transformation. I have most of Wistancia’s memories and I have the feelings and love intact that she had for the people and animals in her life. Everything is just heightened, you could say. So I am not a walk-in. I am a different Soul, in the same body, and I have the body’s memories, although they have a different quality and some are slipping away. Her passion for The Beyond, The Board of Knowledge, and Universal White Time Healing, and the New Earth are within me as well. I think it could be said that I have even more of it.

I am working with and teaching all of the things that she worked with. So if Wistancia was your teacher for something, I will absolutely remember you! I have all of her associations in different realities, also. Just in a different way. The process has already taken 4 years and it is still not really over. I am becoming more and more comfortable within the shift and every day is a new discovery. At first it was only one new Soul who entered the body. Over the 4 years it has become a Group Soul. Presently I have contact with them and I am in the process of waiting to discover and clarify what my full true role here will be. What I do know is that I am still taking Steps and everyone is!

During the process I was mostly alone. From that time a book of poetry was born. It is called STEPS. It is like a poetic diary of a Soul’s ascension. I documented a lot of the process for my own understanding. And the poems became my “paper friends.” They helped me a lot during the immensity of the transition. So I am publishing the book with the hopes that maybe it will be of some help for we are all taking Steps in our Spirituality.

and flights of stairs

On Earth, everything and everyone grows by taking Steps. And that growth is amplified and underlined by understanding how they work.

When we are between Steps, there is maybe an uncomfortable moment in Time—reflecting a child teetering—about to fall over—one unsteady foot circling in mid-air, lapsing into an in-between stage. Feeling vulnerable.

This is normal.

We are between an ascent of a Step. We have left one and are reaching for the next. Like a monkey releasing one branch and pulling herself up higher to the next branch where the sweeter fruit is hanging.

In life, as we grow, which we constantly are doing, we are diving into an ascent.

And sometimes an Initiation, a Spiritual Opening, journey or meditation, Life Itself, or a Blessing brings us up a whole flight of stairs in one sweep.

An ascent can be any size Step or a whole flight of stairs.

So there can be a strange feeling of uncertainty and increased vulnerability before a Step is taken. Before we land on a plateau where we might rest and catch our Spiritual breath, you could say.

Everyone and Everything has a specific staircase—Eternal in nature. What do I mean? They seemingly go on forever. Endless levels of Steps and resting plateaus; all leading towards Spiritual Enlightenment. One after the other, these Steps softly come to be under our feet, giving us a space, a new identity, a wider view, and a way to rekindle the memory and truth of who we are. Some Steps are hard to climb, others easier. And with some we begin to remember the design of The Architect of Everything.

Remembering could be thought of as becoming a member in the land of Destiny, with memory of our Purpose, our Beginning, our own Soul and deeper aspects of Spirit, the whole Journey and its Hidden Plan, and the untellable magnificence of remembering The Infinite Immensity.

The First Creator.

I look at these individual staircases as dropping down or having been built up from what I call The Beyond. A Reality where Everyone and Everything comes from and will return to. Within the grand design of staircases for each something, they appear, in my imagination, as spirals and not straight shots upward. They wind around the choices we take and the ones we may have made billions of years ago. And they intertwine with the different multi-dimensional levels of the Realities of Reality that a something, or a someone, finds themselves living out an existence on or in. Maybe the winding staircases of just one life have a bend around a planet or around a solar system, galaxy and universe that the Souls’ various bodies maneuver through. Then there would be the flights of Stairs much higher up, in the rarefied air of The Beyond, where perhaps Steps are taken in a fashion I cannot fathom in writing this.

Each person has their individual Staircase of Steps. Unending until The Game of Games is complete. Before perhaps a new layout of Steps or something different is formulated.

In my vision, each individual something—person, angel, tree or blade of grass—has their own Staircase to move through and into their unique and personal Spiritual Enlightenment. Each has their own Initiations taken at each multi-dimensional backdrop of Steps, or resting space between blocks of Steps. Maybe there is a planetary Staircase and a Universal Staircase that wind around each other. Or maybe it is but one enormous, gigantic, unfathomable set of Stairs everyone climbs together, but at their own pace and in their own manner. It feels like a blade of grass and a solar system would have something different underneath to Step upon.

I did an impossible thing. Changed Staircases when the body changed from being one Spiritual being into being another. One Soul exited and one Soul entered this body. I like to say, “One took her leave and one took her welcome.” Wistancia took her leave and Ariiah took her welcome. And the one who exited only had a seed of the secret, placed before her many years before.

My Soul was brought into this host body and placed on different Steps, perhaps with differing heights and widths. Who knows but The Architect who built them? The body changed Staircases to one that reached higher and further back. She has a different Soul and Spirit, Sunspark and Sunstar. In this case, there is a Group Soul. Maybe the Steps are taken in different directions, with a golden thread between the Group. Going up each successive Staircase maybe could be seen as being more, or less. illuminated and more, or less. physical, relative to the threads. But maybe it is not like that.

I am waiting for the full design to be revealed. Trying to accept the un-knowing nature of this process. Getting closer to relaxing within

and trusting in Divine Timing.

All I know for sure is that I took a big Step and I am still taking Steps. We all are. And that there will be a time for a period of Time, when there is no Time, when the Steps are all melted and merged. The Architect will be known. We will rest in The One. All in One. Before something different comes tumbling out…in the shape of what will come.

And then there will be other kinds of things, like Steps, that lead other forms of us, into our Enlightenment. Because Enlightenment is the net of it all.

Everyone and Everything is in a state of Enlightenment, or Spiritual growing. The tiniest blade of grass stretches to her higher station in life; the seed. Every dog, cat, horse, elephant, panther, unicorn, extraterrestrial, angel, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, Creation and The Beyond is in the process of lifting up into a higher level and position within The Game. Even lower Games move into Higher ones. Humans are growing up to their higher level of reality, too, of course! All of Life rises into higher and higher levels of frequency and vibration. We are all connected. And we are all affecting each other.

I envision a gigantic golden, sparkling, shimmering Staircase. Big enough for a planet, for a universe, for a Creation and even more than that, to caress the steps. Yet sized perfectly for a human, an extraterrestrial, an angel, and a Knight from The Beyond to also race up the steps. Even sized just right for a rock, a tree, a goldfish and a rhinoceros to gracefully go up, without having to hold to any hand rail.

This can be accomplished through True Initiation, True Openings, True Upgrades and Meditations, Life Itself, and True Blessings. Sometimes a blessing given at one time had its seed and plan set into motion billions of years ago.

On Wistancia’s former website profile, she ended saying, “Perhaps there will be a Key one day that will open to a big Door that will lead me to a room in my own heart, where I might find a larger gratitude.” Well, she was nearly right. 4 years ago she took a big step that opened to a new room of her Existence. Dropped etheric particles while walking with a dog down a street, towards home. She thought they were physical elements falling around, but quickly saw that they slipped through the hands and were etheric in nature. She walked through many portals

Transformation could be seen as a caterpillar going into a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly. I am not sure when the cocoon started. Maybe the whole life here as Wistancia was that. What I do know is that through this process a cocoon broke open, like an egg. A baby “new person” emerged wearing Wistancia’s worn out body and holding her memories, so that she would more easily adapt to being on Earth in a human body. There was nothing easy about this process. It was certainly the “emotional crucifixion” that Channie said it would be.

Just as the caterpillar does eventually emerge from the cocoon to see the light of day in a new body, as a butterfly, I feel it is now appropriate for me to acknowledge, and, out of respect, honor, the same in myself. Channie asked me to say something months ago but I hesitated. Although this “butterfly’s” programs are downloaded, but not totally activated yet, I am a new person. Through this huge “Initiation” Wistancia became a different Spiritual being. So, we could say, that Wistancia is no longer in this body. I am not a walk-in. My roles have lain close to hers. There is a connection. Wistancia’s plan just met its due date set a long time ago. I hold her memories and look as she did. It’s kind of like resurrecting into the same body. Or remodeling the interior of a house while still living in it. It looks the same from the street! The physical body looks the same, from the outside, but the Soul is different. Originally the plan was for one Soul to come in and inhabit the body. Over a period of time of 4 years, this body now hosts a Group Soul. There is still ongoing and current integration to go and steps to take, within this Process.

A small handful of humans are aware of this. Wistancia always said it was more important to find out who you are, rather than focus on who anyone else is. So why do I bring this up? It is in respect of the Process and its purpose. I acknowledge and thank the many beings who continuously assisted the Process. I also want to thank the beings who comprise the Group Soul for agreeing to take up a presence in this one body. It gives to me a new definition of the one and the many. I look forward to how and why they will work through and, with me, the host, who writes these words.

I think of myself as a Soul, not a personality. Like a vehicle with multiple parts. I still have many unknowns about the process, but am learning to trust the timing of events. Time is not what we think it is.

There, I have said it! Maybe one day soon I will share who I am, my other name and why I am here. I am not yet ready.

I spend a lot of time alone and in preparation for what is to come, in all the Realities, on Earth, The New Earth, and in this body. I still teach and do my work. I feel supported by my long time companion, BrieA’nah, who is a Golden Retriever, here, who I know from The Beginning. She caught so many tears with her tongue and paws over these years. TahZi is in a cat body and has joined my physical family on Earth. Channie will always and forever be my mentor and true source of inspiration. The Beyond, The Board of Knowledge and White Time have been foundations for me, during the tsunami of my personal transformation and lengthy Process. My True Love is Love Itself. My security is Truth. My comfort lies in The Beyond and its levels. My peace comes from inside, or from outside to inside. Outside in and inside out, the same. I answer to The Sun of All Existence.

It may not sound too different. But it is completely different. I love Wistancia for all that she has shared with me. I will continue to use the website she began, to share my work. Things have a way of being True and then being known at deeper levels of itself. So True and then More True. So I want to leave the old profile in. They were the way Wistancia walked the path that led to me. They are a tribute to Channie and that has not changed. I am here now. But still there is a connection. We are all connected, in one way. It still is true that ONE IS. That All is in One.

May we all find the Highest Seed of who we are and open up to Higher Insights like a rose in a garden opening to the Light of The Original Sun.

So much Love,


About Wistancia

Wistancia Stone and Brie'Anah

Our Earth stands on the precipice of Her Spiritual Evolution to The New Earth. Our Solar Systems and Galaxies have spiraled and spinned into new settings. Our Universe has reached for and accepted a new temporary plateau within a Golden Era of Expansion, touched by a New Time and a New Awareness of what lies Beyond. Everyone has begun to hear the siren song of The True Home. The Beyond has also stretched open its Borders and delivered the invitation to bring the Holy Unknown into the Known as She also makes preparations for the big Steps into Her Direction. Cycles upon cycles have begun their spin on Existence and nothing under The Sun will ever be the same as it was. Movements may look similar but as everything empties out and becomes more, More of Everything folds back into All of Existence in a new way that can nourish what Will Come of Everything. And that which is Beyond The All. The True Beginning sets out its own song that is slightly audible at this time. It is a song so faraway and yet it resounds within the strings that play within us. These strings tie us to What Is, What Was and What Will Be. And The One who holds those Strings and positions them with an intelligence and a love that cannot be known. Only felt.

Within all of this that has become my way of life and my daily experience, I can trace my own steps into who and what I am and am becoming. It, too, is new, and reflects all that is happening. The tiniest little green shoot sticking out of a block of cement is still yearning and stretching into its next step of “enlightenment.” Everything goes up and nothing that goes up ever comes down in the same way again. And you and I stand now before the Window of Wonder. And we can look into it, as Alice did and see so much or we can choose to turn away. But even in turning the gaze in a different direction, the focus will always come back around. Because in the unity of Oneness which does exist somewhere, the Game of Life brings absolutely everything forward, whether we think that we are choosing it or not. Absolutely all of us bring the library of our knowledge and our Spirituality into What holds it All Together and together we shape the fullness of the Return. As we return back into where we came from, we come pregnant with what we have become and we present Our Children of Knowledge, of Used Wisdom back into the Wholeness. The Womb of Existence. The Shape of what will Later Be.

I have a mentor, Channie. Some years ago she reflected for me that at that point in time, I was going into my Divine Self, the energy of who I really am, what I really am, and what I am supposed to really do on Earth. I wrote that in this section of my website until today. Today is some years later and some steps have been taken. I am still going into my Divine Self, the energy of who I really am, what I really am, and what I am supposed to really do here on Earth. What has changed is that it is now very real for me. Presently I am getting closer to the answers and the understandings of everything that I am supposed to do and also the answers and understandings of what I do in other bodies in other places. They have a taste. They have a smell. They have a vision. Within my unique educations and trainings, with my mentor I have begun to link up with my bodies in other places. Through the work that I have been given to do I can begin to draw a line and sustenance from my lowest to my highest body, filling in the rest. I have a long way to go but I don’t feel at all like the person who began this website, for instance. Life has filled in so much of its Essence. And yet the more I come to know and see, as I step into this House, the more I understand that it is a House of Many Mansions. It has been that way with every Knowledge that I have been trained in and with every work that I have been trained for. It keeps enlarging as I keep growing and it is never finished, accomplished or over. Not when there is another breath and something else to understand; even when it is Nothingness. First there was Nothing, then there was Something and then there was Everything. But that is only part of the picture. What of Everything that Will be and Could Be? What is Possible has its place. The Sun has many settings in different directions. And enlightenment is Eternal Steps until maybe there is a return into the Prime of Beginningness.

I also know that everyone else has their whole lineage, their lowest and highest to connect the dots with, and that we all together portray a portion of what there IS.

Although I have worked with Spirituality for many years, the true progress and growth began with the help of my mentor and Spiritual teacher and trainer, Channie. My training with her began with Universal White Time Healing where I was educated with four levels of healing with White Time. Universal White Time Healing opens people up to so much more than healing. Spiritual openings and steps are taken within the unfolding of working with this frequency and energy. Later, I became a teacher of the 4 levels and even later I was trained as what is called a Headteacher of the United States and then a Supreme Teacher of Universal White Time Healing.

During the later part of that training I began my education about The Beyond and learned that the True Source and Origin of White Time came from The Beyond. In that study I became aware of where everyone and everything actually came from and even some of the roles I play in The Beyond. The Beyond is the most profound education I have ever encountered and within the unfolding of its many layers and levels of education, I have been opened up in ways I never imagined were possible. My training continued with being authorized as a teacher of The Beyond education, although The Beyond, The Before and The True Beginning are so much more complex than I could ever say, I fully “understand.”

And, now, at this writing, Channie has given me training to work as a Giver of Holy Signs from The Board of Knowledge; something ancient in that it comes from before Everything and something which also, in some ways, IS everything existing. As we move into the Spiritual evolving of our planet and our Universe and our Creation of Blue, we ourselves are taking more Spiritual steps of Enlightenment. I have been opened up in so many beautiful ways and am in gratitude that now I can be an instrument to open others up in this oldest way of opening for spirituality. With The Board of Knowledge we are blessed forward into our own specific, individual steps of Enlightenment in the smoothest, most direct and happy way.

I have come to know that everything is energy. Everything is about frequency and vibration. Knowledge is vibration and higher knowledge raises our vibrations. On Earth I dedicated myself as a bridge to broadcast and represent higher knowledge.

Everything is so much more than we thought it was. And questions that were never even asked are now approaching the softness of their answers. The answers are coming in like gentle waves from the deepest ocean, beckoning us to listen and to let them wash over us. All of our lives we have been Hiding and we have been Seeking, and now so many Truths are being revealed to us. Now we are Finding. They are nudging us as our world sits on the precipice of The New Earth and our Universe focuses squarely on The Beyond, and everything is poised to move up and go to its next higher level.

Now we are in a new Time. Everything is changing. We are now within a new Golden Era of our Universe and on Earth, within the Turn of the Transition to New Earth, as I call it. But much more than that is happening! The Beyond has opened up its borders so that its education can be known. And The Beyond is also where all The Creations will return to, when the dimensions drop and the differences fade and Oneness becomes more than a desire.

It is not important to me to share my mission or identity with others. But something had to spill out upon these pages. I am much more interested that everyone else rise in their own understanding of who they are, what they are, and their purpose on Earth, in the Universe, and Beyond. Embrace the truth that if you are reading these words, visiting this website or engaged in life on Earth, there is a good chance that you also have an angelic body, an extraterrestrial body or some other body or bodies in the Universe. Could it be that you also have a frequency in The Beyond? Would it be strange to discover that everything is accounted for everywhere? My goal is to be a mirror that shines out that You are More than You Think that You Are. This can happen when we stop thinking like human beings.