NET New Earth Teacher

The NET (New Earth Teacher) Training began on Earth around 2001 or 2002, I cannot really remember. It was after Channie West taught 10 classes, which later became the 10 transcripts that are that a person can buy and read from this website and other places. It was transcript #9 that was called The New Earth, and which introduced the idea about something that planets everywhere do, just as people everywhere do—rise up in energy and frequency and shift into a higher level of Spirituality. People rise up to higher spiritual levels and so does everything, everywhere. It was after Channie had a presentation in Los Angeles, CA and openly spoke and took questions about the thought and idea of a planet rising up in frequency and going to a higher level. And it was after a workshop in Malibu where she gave more information about the New Earth and the Universe, etc. Those studies laid the foundation for the NET classes that followed. We are going up to a new frequency that is higher and the preparation for that is a step-by-step process. These NET classes that come from The Universe are written by Extraterrestrials, Angels, and others, including Channie Centara.

With the NET classes many began being trained in preparing for something that millions of other people on other planets have gone through. Rising in frequency to another planet in a higher dimensional quality. This is not a first. Earth isn’t the first one to do this. Every planet and everyone and everything grows! When these classes became available and knowledge about the New Earth became available, I was very happy to take in the education through the various NET courses. To me I felt that it linked us with rich planetary, galactic and universal history, as well as taking us to the cutting edge of what is happening so profoundly now, here on this planet in this body—today. There is something about this training that is very, very elevated and amazing. Not just because it links us with all the millions of planets and people who have gone up in frequency and followed a mold of their own, but also because the training is simple and extremely advanced. It involves a rise in understanding. And the training assists the planet, nature, animals, plants, and people in a big way.

Someone could ask, Will it make the Shift happen? The shift is already happening. There are a lot of shifts and changes taking place now on Earth. And even more have taken place in our Universe. In fact, nothing could stop old Earth from going up into the New Earth. It is too far gone! I believe there are signs everywhere but, of course, they may seem subtle to what will come later.

So far there have been 9 NET courses over the last few years. But this is a living process and is changing quite a lot. That means that it is not like a book written a long time ago that you can study. The shifts and changes are happening in the moment, in the hour and many things are changing. That also means that it is an education that has changed already, since the first course happened. What has changed? In many cases, we have changed. Our chakras have changed. The frequencies of so much have changed. And some of the thoughts that the people in the Universe had about the timing of all of this certainly has changed. So some of the information is already outdated. That is what happens with a living, breathing education unfolding as we speak and learn about it. Is it still relevant? I believe it is a wonderful foundation and platform in which to learn about what is coming, even if some of the details have changed. That is why the price for the courses has dropped down, so that people can order whatever they want and go through and work with whatever speaks to their hearts. The meditations, Symbols, Signs, and the layouts still prepare us for living on a planet that is rising in energy. So it reads a little bit like a history book in one way. To me, there is nothing out on the market that prepares a person in a better way than the NET classes, for what is going to take place here. While it already has altered its course in some ways, a little here and a little there, and some things have changed altogether, there is more than enough to still work with.

Right now it is still said that NET 10 will take place on the New Earth. But in the meanwhile, Channie, who brought us the information from the Universe, is writing New newsletters that a person can sign up for. In those she gives up to the minute details of where we stand and new exercises, meditations, information, layouts, symbols and Signs. If you are interested in receiving these newsletters there is way to sign up for them. Please note that you cannot sign up for them with me or through me. But if you are interested, please send me an email and I will direct you to how to do it.

With meditations on the New Earth, it could be said that if you meditate on a place and it really becomes familiar and you can go back there and recognize it, then you can feel that it is true. Supposedly it is 2.76 times larger than our planet. And it does feel more open and much larger. Some time ago the auras of both planets passed through each other. Of course the process would still happen even if we did not learn about it in courses. But this training makes it possible for us to have a part to play in smoothing it out for animals, plants, nature, ourselves and our dear Mother Earth. It gives us a responsibility and a place to put our heart into. When you have a little knowledge about what is happening on Earth, a lot of the fear goes away. Many in our world know that something is happening with the weather patterns changing. They have heard about the effects of solar rays. They have read about scientists talking about the instability in the core of the planet. And some people are afraid of what a shift could or would be like. I feel certain that we have helpers who are helping the whole process. And it feels good to be able to contribute something to it, ourselves, by having an understanding of what is going on.

Since this rise in frequency is not just happening to our planet, but happening to our solar system, galaxy and the whole of the universe—we are part of something so much bigger than it first might appear.

In Channie’s second book, there is a chapter that describes her work in going to a planet that had completed what ours is now doing - going up to a higher frequency in a different quality and dimension. It is amazing to read how she and another tested for karma threads and made sure that everything was dissolved on the planet. A planet transitioning has to totally purify. According to Channie, all planets follow a certain mold in how this happens. She has seen it many many many times before and our planet is following a mold. It just isn’t the typical mold. Mother Earth and our planet are very very special. Few know how special they are and what purpose they hold. Everything is rising up now and working together within the rise.

NET 5 began the Higher Education in the New Earth Teacher Training. If you are wondering how in the world we are going to go up to the New Earth, these documents and this material answers the questions specifically. Many exercises, meditations, stone layouts, symbols, and words are given amongst these pages. So much information is given out in these NET courses. The information that is within all of these courses comes from our Universe. It is written by a group of persons and it is not channeled, but brought directly to us. What our planet is doing, in going up to a higher frequency within her Spiritual Evolution, is normal; millions of planets have taken these steps and they are known. There is a pattern behind Everything. And we can take as big a part in what is occurring, as we want to.

By working with these papers, teaching it to others and sharing it with our friends and family, we can not only help our Earth, our Universe and the ALL by our contribution - but we can help raise ourselves into an awareness that is Universal. That totally assists in our own Spiritual Evolution. There is nothing on this planet now, that resembles what is being given in this material. It is not from an Earthly teacher or written by anyone who is making a guess or having a belief. When you read the pages, you will understand what I mean. You will see it is in a different class. When things are true, they have a ring to them. Maybe you are a person who has ears to hear these bells. From my heart, I urge you to take this opportunity. For those who are prepared, will have a much smoother and a much more interesting journey, with a lot more opportunities to help others who will not understand. Understanding brings harmony and balance. And it will be a lot easier for us to fulfill ourselves if we understand what is going on.

Every part of Life, a planet, a star, a sea, a human, an extraterrestrial, an angel, a Universe, a Creation and all Suns are moving toward fulfilling themselves. It is part of what everything and everyone is doing, as we finish out this cycle in this Game of Life. Knowing what to look for, knowing what is happening, knowing who we are and what we can do to be a part of Everything, really helps us fulfill ourselves and understand our part in this gigantic story. Some of the details have changed, but the Game remains the same. We are going up into a Spiritual Evolution and we are already in it.

An excerpt

In every normal Spiritual Evolution on a planet, there are a lot of things happening without anyone noticing them. The beings there simply step up, in a relatively calm way, to the new dimension. They may not even notice the shift. But once there, in the new dimension, a whole lot of problems can occur. For it is not easy for everyone to let go of the old and then accept the new immediately. It is not easy to understand everything in the new higher dimension, and it can lead to the fall of cultures and the ruin of a whole race if the mind doesn’t accept the shift. That is why they help from out there nowadays. Extraterrestrials, but also angels and lightbeings are there and support planets that are about to take a higher step. The planets that go up to even higher dimensions and leave their area of competence get help from other places, and from even higher beings than that. So, in our case, we can feel relaxed and be assured that everything will go well. Some beings that are doing a big job these days are our spiritual leaders, guides and guardian angels. They prepare us mentally by being closer to us than ever and, by doing so, letting us be a part of their cosmic family with their presence…

…The best thing would, of course, be if everyone could understand everything good that will happen, even before the shift and the coming of The New Earth. But it will probably not be so, therefore it is extra important that the ones who have really understood can help and support the others, if they feel like it and want to, of course. Everything is by free will. The reward for doing that is deeper understanding and more and greater insights, so that one can do even more for more people. The best thing is that we can already start to help now through the NET Courses and their information, or through healing, prayers, and thoughts.

A list of topics taught in NET 7

If you are just starting out working with the NET information, it is a good idea to begin at the end and work backwards. Maybe the best is to sign up for the newsletters for the very latest up-to-the-minute information as well as the later NET course for a good foundational understanding. The courses were released according to the energies and Divine Timing and other factors around Time that we may not understand as humans. The way that humans think about Time is not the way others think about it. And there are many kinds of Time. We don't really know what it “is” and that has made it a little strange for trying to figure out it if is happening, if it is fast or slow or “on track.” One time Channie said to me, that it would be good for me to stop “thinking like a human being.” It was a very powerful message that I took deep into myself. During the months of each NET class being brought to us here, and now each newsletter, I have really tried to remember and feel into just that!

If you have any questions about NET, feel free to call or email me. I feel like it is still relevant. There is a lot we can learn about within the pages. Yes, the shift to the New Earth maybe is taking longer than we thought. But there is a reason behind everything. And until we can totally see what is behind everything it might be a good reason to just relax and trust. And use this time to prepare ourselves and learn as much as we can so that we continue with our own Spiritual Evolution, even as our planet continues with hers.