The Board of Knowledge

Channie once said that even a blade of grass is growing Spiritually. Everything is wanting to raise up to its higher level and take its steps and turns within its own Spiritual Evolution. What a magnificence in a person’s life it would be, to work with Something that understood Existence, and could gently lift everyone and everything. Something that would work with us, here on Earth, as a gift and blessing to us as well as to others, people, animals, nature, countries, planets…

That is how I feel about the Ancient Knowledge called The Board of Knowledge. Working with this unique Knowledge gives a person an opportunity to open up people, so that they Spiritually can evolve and grow, in the exact right individual and personal direction for that person. We are all unique, like flowers; each one with its own fragrance and color and purpose, although part of the Great Beautiful Garden of Life.

The Board of Knowledge “waters” each person, by giving out Holy, Blissful Signs that are Steps of Opening. With these Signs, each “flower” can grow stronger upon its own stem, and blossom in the best way, for who they are. And as one is lifted, the energy helps those around them and their surrounds, also.