Transcript—The New Earth

One of the written transcripts by Channie Centara, #9, is called The New Earth. I feel that this transcript gives a very broad understanding of the shift and changes of current Old Earth into the New Earth. You might be interested in reading this.

Channie C. Centara has presented 10 Intensive Spiritual Knowledge Classes that began in November 2001 and completed at the end of January 2002. They were called "An Understanding of Fundamental Truths for Energetic Advancement." These classes presented information that had not ever before been given on the Earth Plane. I have attended these classes and they have been totally life changing for me. These classes have been transcribed and I have taken on the privilege of representing them by making them available to you. You can now receive the written full transcriptions of each of these 10 important classes. This information can not be discovered anywhere else on Earth, as you will see when you begin to read the information. It is not in books. It is not being taught. It is Knowledge that is widely known in the higher realms. And it is NOW being brought here, for it is Time. We are a planet in Deep Transition and Knowledge prepares, changes, and assists The Shift. Knowledge is vibration!

Below is a list of the 10 Classes: Each class took place during one full day, which was about 7 hours.

These transcripts are available for purchase on this site.

Blessings, Wistancia