Universal White Time Healing Sessions

Universal White Time Distance Sessions
Session Price
Regular Universal White Time Healing Session
by distance or in person
Universal White Time Healing 10,000+ Step Upgrade $50
Distance Cutting of Negative Person-Ties, Cords, or Ribbons
During this session I will cut negative cords from other people, working with White Time, your guides, and the Golden Movement.
Distance Opening for Spiritual Harmony and Growth
In this session we will choose a time for you to relax and receive Spiritual openings for spiritual harmony and growth.
Full Advanced Universal White Time healing Chakra Cleansing
This is a session utilizing advanced Universal White Time healing techniques. It involves an activation of the Chakra core and a cleansing of the 7 Primary Energy enters. Since our chakra centers are now in the process of massive shift in the way that they operate and function, as the new chakra system comes on line for humans, it is a good idea to really purify and clear the chakras to create more ease and flow in these centers going up in frequency to their new functions and patterns. Within the new system, we will be receiving much more direction from Mother Earth and from the Universe. This is a procedure that takes a long time. I need to spend at least 20 minutes on a chakra and it could take much longer. For that reason I am offering the package of 3 chakras for a one hour session, and I am offering all seven for $200, which works out to one free energy system.
7 Primary Centers 140-minute Session $200
3 Chakras 60-minute Session $100
Remote Scanning of Aura/Body/Vertebrae, Aura Cleansing, and Color Healing by Distance
In the first part of this session the aura will be scanned and cleansed.. Then I will scan the vertebrae. The nerves and nervous system functions are very important and it is good to remember that nerves control and have strong influence over our cells, which are undergoing cellular regeneration. I will work also with the Life energy centers. The second part I will scan the body and do a Color Healing Session. I will scan the body and aura for the color that is needed and bring in the needed color in various ways.

Other Sessions/Channelings

On some occasions I will still do channeled sessions. Please inquire first, by phone or email.

Channeled Discussions with Masters and Archangels - $100

To set up a session for any of the above mentioned services please call or email:

Wistancia Stone
60 Amesport Landing
Half Moon Bay, California, 94019 USA