Universal White Time Healing Workshops

Universal White Time Healing Workshops 1–4

Workshops that I Teach

As Head Teacher in the USA, I am training Universal White Time Healing Teachers in Levels 1–4. I am also currently teaching ongoing healing workshops in Levels 1–4 of Universal White Time Healing in my home in Half Moon Bay, CA, USA. Level 3 and Level 4 are levels of the Higher Education in White Time that can be taught on Earth. Level 5 is taught off-planet.

In these classes one will learn what the Universal Force of White Time is and how to work with it. With an understanding of the Force and the energy of White Time, a person can receive a very elevated quality of experience in life. Universal White Time Healing was created by highly developed Spiritual beings, having monitored the development on Earth for millions of years, and saw the need for increased healing. This healing power was adapted to the needs of humankind and was constructed to give the right amount of power on the right frequency. Universal White Time Healing was tailor-made for humanity, animals, nature, situations in life and Mother Earth. It is very suitable for healing for physical, psychological, emotional daily problems and situations in life. Universal White Time Healing is unique due to the fact that the healer uses past, present and the future in one unit. The healer connects to a special Well of Force—the Universal White Time Healing Well of Force. The Oldest, the highest Spiritual beings, extraterrestrials, angels and light beings guard that Well of Force. From the Well brings the Force of White Time. White Time is white Light, which is the same as all colors of Light in one. And all Time in one means past, present and future in one and the same unit of energy. A person working with this Frequency can heal themselves and others, as well bring this Force of Light to the planet as She goes up to the New Earth. White Time Healers are a great comfort and provide a beautiful service to our dear Mother Earth as She rises into the Higher energies of The New.

If you feel drawn to this information, these classes and this subject, you might have a connection to this energy through other bodies that you may have in the Universe. It may be in your deep memory. I am here to talk to you about your interest in these classes and see if you are interested in taking the workshops. Follow your heart in all things and if you want, you may phone me or email me and let me know if you are interested in attending this kind of workshop. I promise that I will get in touch with you. I have taught many things in this incarnation, but none compare to this. It is sublime. This is much more than healing techniques, and is truly a way of life. It touches upon teaching what Time is. What I mean by that is that humans do not understand what Time really is. It is an energy, a frequency, and a lot more than side effects of a linear pattern. As we open up to what we really do not know and have not understood, we provide an opening for taking in new knowledge and also awakening ancient memories within us. Working with White Time heals misunderstanding, heals our memories, and truly assists us in this time of transformation. You could say that many of the blocks that a human has towards understanding higher Knowledge can be lifted and removed. We can become more of who we really are and what we really are. A lot can be said but I feel it is best to speak with you personally rather than try to describe something that is not so easy to describe in words. What I can say is that through this course of study and in the process of moving through these levels of White Time training, I have come to a place where I can now answer what I could only question before. It is a great blessing.

I once co-hosted a TV show called Bridging Heaven and Earth. Through working with Universal White Time Healing, I have come to find myself standing on the bridge, experiencing intimacy with both the Universe and Our dear Planet. Universal White Time Healing is connected more with the Universe, but receives Mother Earth’s energy and lets the Forces from both qualities meet in the heart. When you open up to the New and when you expand beyond the borders of what is known, you can enter into the Divine Unknown, the Holy Unknown. You can discover that there are worlds and beings and places Beyond the Beyond. You can cross the borders of imagination and cross beyond borders of reality. You can begin to put the pieces of a gigantic puzzle together that holds Everything in One Place or Unit. You can find out that Behind Everything is a Pattern and that Life is much much much more than you ever thought it was or even could be. You can discover your unique place in the puzzle and that you might even have many places that your Soul and Spirit reside in.

Something wonderful is happening now as we go up to a New Era in the Universe and a New Era in Everything, not just a New Earth. Everything Everywhere is changing and going to a new higher level. This training opened me up to an "Ocean of Possibilities;" before that I stood on the shore, catching an occasional breeze that would bring the water to me. It is so much more fun splashing around! Through working with White Time energy, I feel so much a part of our Universe. I used to write about being a galactic citizen and a Universal citizen and stretching beyond life on one planet. This training takes a person beyond the borders of so many of the limitations that have been experienced on Earth. I tell my students that not all things that are called “universal” are actually from the Universe or beyond. There is a tire store on the corner called Universal Tires. I live in LA where we have Universal Studios. Not everything is what it says it is. But Universal White Time Healing does link us with the energies that are what you could say beyond. And that heals our separation and our isolation. It helps us to stop thinking like a human being, and helps us to begin to think more…well…Universally?

Level 1

Level 2: Advanced Course

In the second level of White Time, a healer begins to work with creating with the Mind. Here the foundation for the rest of the levels is laid.

Level 3: The First Step in the Higher School of Knowledge

There are many advanced techniques you will learn in Universal White Time Healing Level 3.

This class opens up 72 blocks for dimensional seeing, psychic abilities, light seeing, more.

Universal White Time Healing Level 3 can be taken in 3 days for a small class, and 4 days for a larger class.

Level 4: The Second Step in the Higher Education of Universal White Time Healing

The course is very extensive. There are many Group Initiations during the class and one main Initiation done one-on-one.