A Tear of Hope

A Drop of SOMETHING Falls to Fill it All!

Could it be that SOMETHING is moving in and through Life Everywhere?

Could it be that this SOMETHING has the Possibility to change Everything as we know it, into SOMETHING ELSE?

Could it be that this Possibility has the Force of The First Source behind it?

Could it mean that a Direct, Intelligent Program of Love and Divineness is at hand?

Could it be that this SOMETHING will also change all of those things that are beyond our understanding; things that we have reached to in our Hearts to try to comprehend?

Could it be that this SOMETHING has a Purpose to change Everything Existing Everywhere, even in the Total Beyond?

I know it is!

Could this SOMETHING cradle all the times we have imagined as Golden Ages and epochs of One Thousand Years of Bliss?

The ways in which an adult seeks to return to childhood's dreams, yet knowing that the Dream lays hidden in Memory, long before such childhood?

What if every fantasy and fairy tale, every perfect dream and fulfillment had its foundation in a Design that was always in Motion, tucked away sleeping inside Spirit's Core? Dormant, awaiting activation of a precise Program of SOMETHING to awaken Intense Beauty Everywhere?

What if all the ecstasy and sweet nectar that every Soul has yearned forever for did have a cup to drink such from?

That every Spirit from its Well sought this that would carry it to Completion?

Could every Open Door, within inside another, find a Door inside a Door inside Endless Corridors of Mansion Worlds that point a Passageway into The Single Final Lightest of Light?

When every wall drops to invite a Garden in?

Where something Total could be won and One?

What if a Wing without size could carry you there?

What if it was possible to know Why?

To know Where?

To know What?

To know When?

And to Understand Who?

I know it is!

SOMETHING is moving inside of Life Itself. Waves of a Motion carrying The Sand of This Time into What ends in a True direction. Like Crystal Droplets winding a River of Gold into a Sea of Creation. Perhaps there has never ever been anything so significant as what is occurring within this Time, silently inside of Everything.

Could this be, even though almost nobody knows about it?

Could it be so small that it lays inside of the smallest particle?

Could it be so huge that it slowly sweeps over Creation?

Could it be that it will finally, in the end of its Journey, cover All That Is?

Like Sweden's soft snow hiding the slumbering seeds of Spring?

Like soft billowing curtains cover a stage where once tension, drama and chaos did play itself out?

Could this SOMETHING Color Everything Everywhere in Sweet Bliss?

In Equality?

In the Union every Kiss does seek?

Every Hope that finds its flame at the midnight hour, in pursuit of Dawn's promise of a New Light?

In the longing to become One that never came home to itself before?

Could it change All That is into a Different All That is?

I feel so!

Do you feel like SOMETHING significant is going on inside of you that is more than the trance of formations inside of your body?

Do you feel like SOMETHING larger than life is about to claim its home?

Like a Mother now calls The Children to Return?

Does it feel like everything you have ever dared to whisper about or dream about or hold within you, as what Should Be or Would Be, or Will be, is on its way to Be?

Is there SOMETHING that feels like a birth, even though there is no baby connected with it? But you know it has a Heart?

Do you have a feeling that there is SOMETHING going on and you just can't touch what it is? But you know it is Profound?

Could it be bigger than a planet elevating its frequency? Or a solar system? A Galaxy? A Universe? Or a Creation of Color?

Could it be that Everything is rising in its own sky, like a Sun?

That Gods and Angels and Masters and Knights, Extraterrestrials and Light Beings and fairies, humans, animals, trees, fish and flowers, together have begun to scale a Golden Mountain, rising into the future, now?

Can every thing become Divine?

Could you hold hands with a Blade of Grass and feel like you are holding hands with a Blade of Grace?

Might it be that a True Day is arriving? And a True Time?

I feel so!

Do you think that it is possible that a Tear of Hope could fall from an Eye of Love Somewhere, so spacious, it would softly wash The Everything forevermore?

Like how a Sun's Ray might reach in with Warmth to Everywhere?

Could it be that a well thought out and positioned Drop of Hope is spreading over Life Itself, spilling Its Sacred Waters, re-Shaping Life and caressing the All in the Sphere of its influence?

I do!

What if it is true?

Could you join in that Thought and send Love back to that Hope Full Drop?

Would you reach into your own Heart for a Ray of Hope and Love to send out to such a Drop?

I will!

I wish you Golden Beauty and Wonder in the Time that comes,