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My Angel Diary takes my breath away. It is wisdom cover to cover. It is knowledge spilled onto pages. It is joy that is engraved into your heart. It is beauty and beauty’s reflection. To those who love angels, it brings them closer. To those who are mystified by angels, it clarifies. To those who doubt that there are angels, it dispels doubt. It’s like the Sun. This book does shine. It is an indelible shine for it is the shimmer of Insight that is brought to the reader. Channie has an angel body, not only an extraterrestrial one. She has many other bodies, also. Could it be that you also have an angel body? Someone who is part of your Total Self and you are just not aware of it? Maybe you do. Maybe this book will awaken truths in you. Memories in you. Insights worth looking into!

Perhaps Channie’s own poem says it best

The light of Insight
The light of a wing touches.
A heart is awakened to faith and trust.
Love conquers in obscure worlds.
Words are shimmering when wings are touching.
Thoughts are free when given the Light of Insight.

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Excerpt from Chapter 88

The sun filled her entire room now, even though it was still early. The sun was always in her room — every morning — and through the years, it would fade the colors on both paintings and wallpaper. But she didn’t care so much about the damage done to material things. To her, a faded picture was the same as a picture of sunlight. It was a picture of rays that had been enticed into being stuck in matter, behind glass and a frame. But we also see the passing of time, and the years that pass, through the faded items. ‘I wonder how long I’ll stay here,’ Channie thought, even though she knew the answer already.

“Sunlight behind glass, in a frame,” she mumbled. “Other people would probably not look at it the same way I do. They are afraid of their wrinkles, and the “tooth of time” on their material possessions, while I look at wrinkles as an exciting map of adventures and life experiences. In the signs of their wrinkles, their life lies open, naked, and exposed to be curious about, and to enjoy. Experiences, insights, happiness and sorrow; you can see it all in the beauty of wrinkles. Just like the irises in our eyes change, and the lines in the hands change with every big event in life, so does the skin change in several places. She loved the human beings — young and old — and every little wrinkle.

These thoughts made her ethereal wings open up. It was a little painful and it tingled, in a nice way, between her shoulder blades. She mumbled quietly: “Oh, God, let me embrace the human beings, so that they can see all which is wonderful and unique in every little part of this creation. Before they destroy and obliterate themselves and the Earth. Let me open their hearts so that they can look at the truth, and see for themselves. Let us keep all the small wonders here. They haven’t realized what they stand for, what they represent, who they are, or what their part is. Let us help them right now when the feeling inside me is so great. Let me be your wings on Earth.”

Channie closed her eyes for a few moments and opened them again, so that she could smile through them at the angels in the room. There were angels of all kinds there; of paper and porcelain, but there were also new additions of flesh and blood, or those who consists of only light. Those who had just arrived all said in unison: “Fly with us. Let us embrace the Earth in this early morning.”

Channie laughed quietly and said: “So, you mean that I, too, ought to sleep in this morning?”

“Yes, fly with us!”

She left her earthly body. She soared upwards and entered her angel quality. Her limitless wings opened and the light pulsated around her. She turned her gaze and her being towards the Earth. Soon, she soared with the others around the planet. ‘The feeling is here,’ she thought. ‘The feeling of love for the human being and the Earth, is here in space outside, where we are soaring right now.’ The space carried the feeling; it already embraced the Earth. Angel beings, whatever kind it may be, can exist in most strange environments, even in space, without feeling any discomfort or feeling bad.

Archangel Chaniel, and the small crowd of angel-beings soared in space, with the globe of the Earth, so adoringly beautiful below. The Earth was big. While they soared through space, they also woke other angels up. Many incarnated angels joined them, if they were awake; during meditation or healing, and if they were asleep; with their complete angel-appearances. Angels hide everywhere in society, in hospitals and in factories and in entirely ordinary lives.

The Earth was finally embraced with angels, from all directions and in all shapes and forms. Many of those who wandered the Earth, felt how their bodies were tingling, and how their ethereal wings reacted and opened up, that particular day. Their auras were growing, and a manifestation of love came to the Earth. Waves of Light washed over the ground and went through everything living. It didn’t matter what time of the day it was, or where people were this morning, Swedish time. Everybody was given a part of the Light, Love and the quality of the angels.

Some incarnated angels still don’t know about their origin. But many people reacted with a “spiritual hangover,” after the exercises of the night or the morning. That happens because of the different frequency that they carry temporarily, or because of the expansion of the aura, during their angel-stage. Once they come back, their ordinary body feels too small. They might also experience that their body is achy the morning after they have been out; or inside of their angel being, however you want to put it. The ethereal wings can also make the shoulder blades ache. The feeling of carrying a heavy backpack can remain with many people the next day.

Many people would understand why all those feelings were there that particular morning: others wouldn’t have a clue. But they had all helped out. Sadly enough, they would also feel a sting of inexplicable sadness in their hearts. That would be caused by the fact that not even angels can reach every person. As strange as it may sound, not everyone wants to be approached by Love.

Excerpt from Chapter 47


Not all angels have physical wings. Some physical angels have ethereal wings even in their full shroud and in their world. Power and light is usually radiated straight forward, from the Heart-chakra. They can choose to turn the force of light backwards in case someone is standing in front of them, to avoid blinding the person in front of them. This will result in a huge phenomenon of light behind them, in the form of ethereal wings. These wings will usually move like a softly flickering light in different colors, or as a metallic shimmer of e.g. gold.

There are a multitude of variations of physical wings, both in terms of shapes and colors, but also in the terms of material. Most of us would probably think about feathers, but there are also wings that are furry. There are also other variations depending on which race the angel represents when it comes to evolution. Each race has its own angels, and since there are so many different kinds of beings in the Universe, there are just as many different kinds of angels.

The wings can be physically attached with what we call skeleton and bones, or they could be more spiritually attached.

Angels usually don’t flap their wings in order to hover. They take in the divine force into the form of wings they carry, and distribute it in different ways for different effects. But an angel almost always has to radiate some of its quality in order to be active, and to fly or hover. A fallen angel is an angel who has lost faith in itself, its ability and the faith in its God.

There are also angels that have infinite wings — there’s no end to them. Those angels stretch into the Universe endlessly. We call these more unusual angels: Archangels.


Angels’ halos can vary very much from angel to angel. Some have halos of stars, with clearly marked channels of energy and light. Others have the classic golden ring around — or above — the head. All halos don’t have metallic colors. Other colors are just as common, including colors that can't be found on Earth. A metallic shimmer is common in single colored halos, and sparks gently running outwards, are usually present in the multicolored ones. Halos are nothing more than an advanced — and more powerful — kind of aura.


The attires vary very much; there are both physical and ethereal clothes. There are also completely naked angels. The water angels are usually completely naked.

Most angels carry attributes in order for us to distinguish them from one another. Even the shapes, colors, patterns and adornments are there to help us see which angel is which. Archangel Michael is usually dressed in silver and pale blue, but just like anyone else, he will now and then wear other clothes and colors. His attributes are scales and a sword, to show that he is the protector of justice. Archangel Gabriel usually wears gold and green, and his attribute is a snow-white lily. There are many more Archangels than we know about here on Earth. All colors and attributes are represented by different angels from World Three.

There are symbols that show the world of angels or what kind of angels they belong to. Those symbols can sometimes be seen on the garments, or as pieces of jewelry, worn by the angels.


Angels usually become much older than the life cycles of other races would permit. The reason for that is that they have to be able to follow the entire life of an individual — before birth and after death — if their assignment is to be a personal Guardian Angel. They will become at least 1,200 years old, and so are light-being angels and ordinary light-beings. They aren’t necessarily born as babies again after that; they might as well assume a new version of their old appearance. They will, however, upgrade their vibration. The new version won't be an exact copy; it will look a little different.

Many angels aren’t of a specific gender. Their level has brought them into a quality that makes them androgynous. There are naturally male and female angels as well, and also other existing kinds of gender in the Universe.

Angels also prefer to live in loving relationships, and to have a family life. You can, however, say that their sexual feelings and their methods of expressing those feelings are of a different — and wider — range than on Earth. It’s about experiencing ecstasy just by a meeting of hands, by blending your auras, or to hook on to each other’s halos.

Angels normally don’t eat the same things other individuals do. Their food could consist of energy of love, or light that has been transformed into the taste-experience of fruit, or something else. That diet is the reason why so few angels are overweight or plump.

All angels — wherever they are in the Light — carry rays directly from God. Angels will sometimes let those rays shine on certain people, and they can also “lend” rays to others, permanently or temporarily.


To be an angel entails — among other things — to work with your wings, the light of your heart, and your compassion, but also to work with your creative thoughts; to touch, protect and help others in other worlds, dimensions, levels and layers; to give rays from yourself and to sacrifice everything in order to build something that is good and Light; to feed the Hope and to make people see the three important words: Confidence, Faith and Gratitude. Why do some always succeed, while others always fail? The answer can partly be found in those three words. Be confident, have faith, and show your gratitude to the life you have been given, to the angels and to the others who help you. The words are connected to something Higher. Call it what you want, but don’t connect it to a specific religion. Some angels, e.g. Archangels, were created in the beginning of time — before that which we call God.

When Channie stood up as an angel in her world, she caressed her wings. She preened herself, not quite in the way a bird would, but still. She touched her feathers, one by one, with love in her heart and in her eyes. She smiled with Light and took in her tones of angelic creation She knew what she was meant to do, and she carried out her assignment well. She knew what it meant to be an angel.

Back Cover

“It is essential that humankind understands and assumes her true role in the Universe.

Everything is united through an eternal flow. It is like a jigsaw puzzle where the Earth and humankind are pieces of the pattern and of the All. No puzzle is complete without all the pieces; no pattern is finished, or perfect, without all of the details being in full harmony with each other.

When humankind assumes her true role in the All, she will see the whole picture and find peace in her existence. Then — and only then — will humankind be able to go into a new consciousness, and the New Earth will be born as a member of another dimension”

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