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In this extraordinary book an Extraterrestrial person, incarnated in a human body, for the first time tells her story - from the first contact with Extraterrestrials at the age of five to the awakening to the great mission to which she was born.

My E.T. Diary also gives you never before told insights into the lives of the peoples of the Universe, the Lightforce that forms the bond between them and the great change that is very soon to take place right here on Earth. The Shift to the New Earth.

A tiny excerpt

Channie Cha entered the hall of the Council in the Alliance’s headquarters on Azhiz. She sat down on her chair. She had been carrying a thick folder that she now laid down on the big and very long table in front of her. The folder contained maps and other sheets filled with information. The sheets were made of a plastic-like material and were completely translucent until information was transferred through a thin, whitish-gray strip that she moved across the sheet. When you wanted to change the information on the sheet, only the strip was replaced. This way, there was no waste of paper or other materials.

Channie Cha leafed through the folder and waited for the others. She was the first one to arrive; maybe because this meeting concerned her more than it did the others. At this meeting the planet Earth was going to be discussed, and this happened to be the very planet where she had chosen to incarnate. As a matter of fact, right now, her earth-body was in bed, sleeping.

What Channie says to the reader:

I only ask three things of you who are about to read this book:

  1. Read the book from beginning to end without going back and forth in it.
  2. Try to see, and find, the message of this book, and share what you find with others.
  3. Be humble before that of which you know nothing about yet, and don’t judge others for their experiences.

(It is naturally up to you as the reader to choose what you want to believe, because after all, only a ‘true’ experience can validate a fact.)

Back Cover

“While the human being is looking into telescopes for life in space, the extraterrestrial is already standing beside her, wondering what she is doing.”

Meet Christina from Sweden. When she was five years old, she had her first physical extraterrestrial encounter. When she was a little older, she started to write a diary about her adventures in the Universe. Go with her on a journey to different planets. Meet different species; some that look like us, and some that look like nothing we could imagine. Meet her friends; friendly physical extraterrestrials that want to help us save the Earth.

We get to follow Christina all the way through her adolescence and innocence, into adulthood when she was told that she, too, was an extraterrestrial. Follow her through dramatic and wonderful experiences “out there.”

This diary raises many questions, one of them being: “How much do you know about who you are?”

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