About Board of Knowledge 4

The Fourth Board of Knowledge gives a Divine Touch outside the Creation’s usually Divine qualities of everything and everyone. We are Touched by The Divine when we work with it. It is called The Divine Board. It feels to me like the possibilities are infinite.

The work with Board of Knowledge 4 is called Divine, for a reason. It means that it reaches more deeply into most anything we have worked with before. The Divine energy goes in on the Soul level and atom level in the body. It affects the whole body, aura, emotions, psyche and the Soul. Within the Soul is found the Spirit and within the Spirit, is the Sunspark.

Board 4 opens the door for working on a totally different level, and in a completely different Reality. Board 4 has 4 Initiation/Ceremonies to open people to become Divinely enlightened humans on Earth. To live outwardly and forward and to connect with one’s totality. Within Board of Knowledge 4 we can also take huge (150,000) Steps in our Spiritual growing through 3 Special and Divine Upgrades.

Please read about The Regular Session and Specialized Sessions work that can be done by distance and in person, with The Board of Knowledge 4.

Board 4 is Divine and relates to Divine Force. It relates to a wider spectrum of everything that is Divine. Board 4 also relates to other existing forces, not only the Divine ones we might know about. It also relates to the Weave of Time and the Absolute Force of Time.