Upgrades and Initiation Ceremonies with Board of Knowledge 4

Four Board of Knowledge 4 Initiation-Ceremonies to Become a Divinely Enlightened Human on Earth

Helps us to live outwardly and forward while we are here. It also helps us to connect with our totality.

I would suggest doing them consecutively, in order.

These Initiation-Ceremonies involve working with Boards 4, 3, 2 and 1.

$120 per Initiation

Three Ceremonial Upgrades

Each Upgrade is 50,000 Steps.

$120 each

Wait maybe one day at least, in-between.

Each upgrade is 50,000 Steps. So all 3, together, will be an advancement of 150,000 Steps.

The Ceremonial Upgrades with Board 4 are not performed to open blockages but, instead are done to make pure upgrades. We can think of it like this. When blockages are removed, it allows us to take one step. With a powerful upgrade that involves 50,000 Steps, to me, it is like flying up the staircase or being lifted up by Divine Wings, so that we come a long distance, in a short amount of time.

With the touch of The Divine, which Board 4 is, this is so precious to be able to work with. It is said that this is always the strongest and absolutely best thing one can do for Spiritual development. It is good for all people, animals, and more. Can be done in person or on distance.

A Board 4 Upgrade means a significant change in a person’s total frequency and vibration. When bigger upgrades are performed, the shift in frequency becomes more pronounced and tangible. This big change happens in the body’s inner energy field, the Chakra Column, the individual chakras, the meridians and the outer aura. The Crown Chakra’s connection with The Central Sun changes and improves. And The Central Sun has been known to be a major place in our Universe where Divine energies enter. It is also connected to a Sun in The Beyond. The person’s total frequency and vibration changes so thoroughly that the person becomes more fine-tuned and can, therefore, take in more Light. The space between their atoms becomes purified and filled with Light. This is the Light of Enlightenment. The person’s consciousness will also be purified. With this level of purification, it becomes easier for someone’s consciousness to gain access to Higher Insights. When this happens, beautiful wisdom can more easily be absorbed. So I would say that our spiritual development can really grow.

The 50,000 Step Ceremonial Upgrades described can do and give more than just that. The Ceremonial Upgrades build a bridge between us people and the Divine, the Holy and something that is so “enormously much bigger than all that…” I recommend doing them in the order of first, second and third if we want to take the 150,000 Steps. But not at the same time!