Regular and Specific Sessions with Board 4

There are many kinds of Board 4 sessions that can be done. They are each $100, by distance or in person.

You can, of course, order a “Regular” Session Giving of Signs. Appropriate Signs from Board 4 will be given, by distance, and you will be notified when it has occurred. The cost is $100.

With all sessions, I, as the Giver, can work in very different ways, more expansive than previously because this is the Divine level of The Board of Knowledge. For instance, a session of any kind can be done for more than one person at a time. With Board 4, I am able to work with a whole family, a country and so much more.

There are also some 7 Specific Distance Work Sessions that can be done. They should be done by themselves, with a day in-between. The cost is $100.

  1. Divine Spirituality
    This session helps us become enlightened on a different level than the usual Enlightenment that is gained by doing Spiritual work, Spiritual openings, courses, Initiations, meditations, etc. Here, a person can start to find their own inner Divinity, and learn to live for, and with, it in Divine Spirituality and its True Enlightenment.
  2. Divine Happiness to all days of LifeDivine Happiness helps us to feel fulfilled in our daily life.
  3. Holy Protective Energies This session gives an extra strong protection around us. This session strengthens the body, the emotions and also the different layers in the aura. No form of negativity or negative people will willingly want to come into the energy field of your aura. There will also be protection for your body, consciousness and psyche.
  4. Divine Deep Cleansing This session cleanses the Soul, the Spirit, the Sunspark, the Sunstar, and our Total Enlightenment, in all its phases. Sometimes debris sneaks in even on these delicate levels, and they can be hard to cleanse on your own or with professional help. This Deep Cleansing goes to all the different kinds of aura layers, our vibration, and frequency. In our physical atomic level’s smallest layer, we have a vibration in the quarks. There is also space between the atoms which can be finely tuned and maybe cleansed from wrong interference. Our space in-between our atoms has to be clean enough to be able to work as it should, in order to take in a dimension other than our usual. Our Spiritual growth, knowledge, etc., also need purification. Sometimes Spiritual knowledge we have opened up to is impure. Sometimes we misunderstand knowledge and do the wrong things with it.
  5. To Open Thoughts and Creativity This is like an Opening to create moving forward. It embraces and creates new ways of thinking and opens up wider views. It helps us think clearer and helps us to know what needs to be done. It helps creativity and artistic abilities. It affects the voice’s tone and ring in a positive way.
  6. To Succeed and be Strong This is a superb energy to give when one wants to succeed, go forward or be seen and acknowledged at work, in the relationship, with one’s children, in everyday life, etc. It is also good when someone feels down or they have crashed psychologically.
  7. Radiant Protection of Holy Light Rays of Protection light up and remove the darkness or the grey and dreary in ordinary days. Like giving life itself a life-injection of Light and strength. This comes through Radiant Protection of Holy Light.

There is also a Healing Session called Healing with Holy Love Force.