The Many Board of Knowledge 4 Waters

My animals and I have been drinking the Waters as I have been practicing programming them. And the nature around where I live has been soaking up these Divine energies. It is Divinely intoxicating!

So there are many different Waters that can be programmed.

As you see below, there are Part 1 Waters and Part 2 Waters.

Part 1 Waters cannot be combined. A person can choose to have any of the three Part 1 Waters. Part 1 waters are not mixed together.

There are four Part 2 Waters. A person can choose to have any of the four Part 2 Waters.

Also, a bottle of Water can be personalized and combined with Drops from different Part 2 Waters. These specified Waters can be combined and personalized, when programmed. So it is a choice. So a person can choose whether they want a mixture or only one kind.

All of the different types of Board 4 Water that can be programmed, for people, families, countries, animals, nature, etc.

Each bottle of Board 4 water can make more, by saving out just a few drops and mixing it with distilled water. It is good to make a quart or gallon for yourself so you do not run out. All types of Board 4 water are best used in conjunction with upgrades.

Two Versions of How Board 4 Water is Programmed

It was always meant to be that there would be two versions of Board of Knowledge 4 Water. So I am now adding this information about the “second” version of how you can purchase the Board 4 water. Board 4 water is so special and I really want it to be available to everyone.

Version 1

There are two versions of the Board 4 water. Let me explain. The Board 4 waters that are sold for $300 are worked with in a very special and deep way, unique for each individual. They are personalized for a deeper energy. This version has a bonus of adding in a Special Sign that is incredibly strong.

Version 2

The second version would be the same water, used in the same ways, also unique for the individual, but just not having the exact uniqueness that the more expensive version has. It will be programmed without that Special Sign and will be worked with just a little bit differently, and will be less expensive, but also incredible. Everything from and about Board 4 is incredibly wonderful.

In addition to the $300 water that is, for instance, version one, there is a $65 version of the water. How it is used is the same for both. They both can be programmed for a family or a group of people. In both cases, I will use the name of the person who is wanting the water, as well as a list of their family members and/or friends, pets, etc., whose names can be added into the water. Again, the only difference is that certain strong Signs and energies will not be added in, during the programming. But, think of it this way: Holy Drops is still going to be Holy Drops. And Divine Water of Love is still going to be Divine Water of Love.

The Three Part 1 Waters

  1. Divine Drops (also called Holy Drops)

    Holy Drops can be used for a lot of things. The water of The Holy Drops gives a deeper feeling of pure insight, and a kind of protection on a spiritually holy level. The Drops give insight, not just spiritually, but also in how to take care of the beautiful things we already have or will be able to have through humbleness and by living life gracefully. These Drops strengthen people within inside, their awareness, their bodies and their auras. It works the same way for animals, plants, nature, ocean and all of Mother Earth.

    They are very powerful, but can still be drunk if diluted. Use one drop per liter/quart of your favorite beverage – water is not the only liquid that can be used.

    You can drop the Holy Drops in the nature where you live, or wherever you travel by airplane or car. The drops work well for everything outside, such gardens, yards and fields. It also works great for your house or apartment, but also other buildings such as factories, government buildings, schools, day care centers, hospitals etc. The Holy drops can be given to big oceans as well as small lakes, rivers creeks and water wells. Just give one drop to the water.

    In your home you can sprinkle them anywhere – in your favorite chair, bed, bath tub, or on your flowers and pets. You can basically give them to whatever you want in your home. Drops gives crystals and stones Holy Power. This water can never be too strong.

    As with all of these Waters, if you use one drop it lasts for 6 months, while 8 drops lasts for four years. One drop works on a radius of 50 kilometers (app. 31 miles).

  2. Positive Holy Destiny Water

    The Positive Holy Destiny Water can be used in the same way and for the same things as The Holy Drops. The big difference is that The Positive Holy Destiny Water is very positive and beneficial to balance and positively affect our destiny, karma, traumas, memories, dreams, feelings and future occurrences. Everything on our inner plane is very positively influenced such as our awareness, thoughts, dreams and feelings. It makes us calmer, happier, more creative and more curious about life. The same counts for the animal’s and nature’s total feeling of life.

  3. The Divine Water of Hopefulness

    The area of use for The Divine Water of Hopefulness is very much the same as described above for The Holy Drops and The Positive Holy Destiny Drops. It is also different since The Divine Water of Hopefulness Drops really give people hope. Our feeling for the future becomes calmer and more harmonious. It also helps us understand the flow of life and the things that are happening. Our inside and our awareness relaxes when using these drops. We become more stable and stronger even though the thoughts become more still and the feelings more relaxed. We will have harmony, balance, peace and quiet and happiness in life.

The Four Part 2 Waters

These Drops can be intermixed with one another in whichever way you like.

  1. Divine Water of Forgiveness
  2. Divine Water of Wisdom
  3. Divine Water of Love
  4. Divine Water of Purification

There is also a specified healing water that is called Holy Love Force Water.