What is the Board of Knowledge?

The Board of Knowledge was created so that there would be people who give and people who would receive. So the whole thing of giving and receiving, the love and helping hand of harmony and of wanting to help, took its root there.

Channie said the below words:

There is an Ancient Knowledge called The Board of Knowledge. This unique Knowledge gives an opportunity to open up people, so that they Spiritually can evolve and grow, in the exact right direction for that individual. The Board of Knowledge works individually for everyone, because we are all unique and every person has their individual gift in life. By these Steps of Opening, one can grow stronger and blossom in the best way. Everyone has their own steps in growing.

This Board of Knowledge is something that is used everywhere in the Universe among Extraterrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. It can be worked with, over and over, and every time it helps the individual to grow and expand towards what is best for them and the direction that would lead them furthest in Spiritual Total Enlightenment. Even the already Enlightened, like Masters and Archangels, etc., benefit from continuous use of The Board of Knowledge.

The person who works with The Board of Knowledge is the “Giver” and usually the Opening Steps are given, back and forth, between Higher beings in the Universe. Usually they do not upgrade themselves, but, instead, they need a humble Carrier of this Knowledge to open them up. This amazing Knowledge can also open up animals and nature, as a group, or individually. Even planets can be opened up to lead them in the right way in their growth. This Knowledge can never be used in the wrong way and no one ever outgrows it. So the request of Opening Steps for someone else, other than yourself, is also appropriate and beneficial for that person who isn’t aware of receiving. These Openings always lead a person onto the best direction and the highest path and Spiritual understanding that is unique for just that person. The Knowledge of The Board of Knowledge is not found in any worldly known books and does not involve reading. Instead, specific Holy Signs are sent to the “Receiver” who then harmonizes with the Sign and moves forward on their Spiritual path, no matter what heights the person, so far, has reached.

Every one of the Opening Steps of The Board of Knowledge leads us closer to Enlightenment and harmony within Holy Bliss. The Board of Knowledge can be given to anyone, without exception.

The Board of Knowledge is something that I am very, very excited to be working with and to be starting to understand. I feel extremely fortunate. It is all about openings that lead to steps of Spiritual Enlightenment, that are individual to each person's life and ways. The really interesting thing about it that I love so much is that there is no one who ever could "outgrow" it, and no one who couldn't benefit from it, no matter how Divinely Enlightened they may be. That means Archangels, Divine Masters, angels, everyone.

Everyone works with this in our Universe; Archangels, Masters and all kinds of people all use The Board of Knowledge. It is the most ancient form of opening people up, for their path of enlightenment in the best way for each person. It is specific to that person.

It is not a knowledge that is like The Beyond education, where you learn many things and receive openings and understandings about a whole complex Reality. It is not a knowledge and philosophy that is like studying The Schools of Universal White Time Healing and receiving openings for growth. It is not a knowledge that is in words or in books or anything like that. The Signs themselves open up a person and bring a person closer to their way of Enlightenment, for them. The next step always leads to more enlightenment, for everyone. That is what it is about. So it is not that a person "learns" something and can say, “This is what I have learned.” But, of course, as we grow and take our steps we learn everything! The Board, by the Signs that they give to people and the timing of it all, brings the Knowledge that unfolds as Divine Enlightenment takes its shape in a person's life.

I am not a Teacher of this. I cannot teach it in words. I cannot at this time, open people up to use The Board of Knowledge either. But I have been made a Giver of it. So I can give Signs to others and others can Receive the Signs. And another Giver can give it to me. That is how it works.

Channie has said that there is no one, no ET, no Master, no Archangel who couldn't always benefit from The Board of Knowledge being given to them. You can't outgrow it. And, therefore, I know in my heart that it can only assist us on the path we are already on. What it does is bless whatever we work with, with Spirituality.

The truth is, no one “finishes” a Board, ever. Because a person can still receive something from the First Board after millions of years. Like Channie said, no one ever outgrows a Board even if they have received Signs from all 5 Boards. The Signs are alive. And there is always one more step and one more thing that can open up from every Sign.

Not only that, these Signs combine in certain ways to create other “Signs.” And The Boards themselves work together. So 1 Sign is a lot more than just one Sign.

I hope that I didn’t make it sound complex. It is simple in how it works, in many ways. Of course, the level of Knowledge and Spirituality that it works on and for, would be more complex. It is not so much about what a person feels in a session of receiving a Sign. It is much more about what that Sign does for a person’s life, as the Blessing that it is.

No one receives a copy of The Sign. And it wouldn’t help you if you did.

Some people have said that they want to see the Signs. They have asked a lot of questions about whether I see the Signs in my mind or whether they are on a paper. The Signs come from before everything. I have a physical representation of those Boards. So I see the Signs physically. And when I give out Signs, I get more Signs inside my mind to give out also. There are also invisible Signs and Signs that fuse together. It is not allowed to send the Signs out to people. And even if I could, it wouldn’t help anyone. This is not Vibration Language and the meaning of these Signs is very complex. Could I send someone the Board and ask them to work with it? No. I could not send anyone the whole physical paper on which the Board is "drawn" out. I cannot say, "Go Sign by Sign, work with them and open yourself up." Because it does NOT work that way. There has to be a Giver. It does not work without a Giver and a Receiver.

Some people have asked me why I can give out Signs?

I have been opened up by Channie to be a Giver of these Signs. The Board of Knowledge trusts in me to give out Signs. I have been opened up to do this or I couldn't do it. This is a perfect example of "Giving and receiving." There has to be a Giver, and there has to be a Receiver or it does not work. Even Divine Masters who go to Aragone to upgrade themselves, go in pairs when they work with this. One gives; one receives. And then they switch.

This is a very, very strong and extremely ancient Energy and Force and it has intelligence. As I work with it more, I myself will have more capability of how I work with it. There is supposed to be some "Time" in between. A day is usually enough. But also things need to settle. I am very respectful of The Board of Knowledge and feel totally honored to be working with it. I will always work in accordance with its wishes.

Working with The Board of Knowledge will change as more Givers are trained to give out these Signs. But this is the beginning of how things are set up with this Extremely Beautiful Gift.

The Boards are having an enormous effect on people and animals and nature now. It is affecting people's families and what is around people. It is like people who receive Signs are actually waking up others. And for some, they are aware of what they are doing. It is good for everything and everyone.

You never outgrow a Sign—This is something that has Intelligence, Depth, and doesn't end…Understand that a person could work with just one Board of Knowledge, say, the First Board, for a million years. Meaning there would still be a lot they could receive from that one Board, even if they are also getting Signs from The Second and Third Board. No one outgrows anything here because what this IS, is not easily understood. It is huge. Because when a person receives a Sign, they can also receive that Sign again in a 1000 years or the next day and it is totally different. This is something that has Intelligence, Depth, and doesn't end. It is like an eternal thing. See what I mean?

No one ever “finishes” any one of the 5 Boards of Knowledge. No one outgrows a Board, but I also believe that no one ever outgrows a Sign. Enlightenment doesn’t reach an end, until the Whole Thing is over…

So each Sign is much, much more than what can be given in a certain amount of minutes of time. Everything with The Board is about Timing. The same Sign at a different time is something else. For me, a Sign is just a living thing. It cannot be figured out. It is going to be different for each person. And even a person received the same Sign 10 times in a row, each time it would be Different!!!!!

So this is a Divine Mystery that is needed and the Creations were given this as a gift and as a blessing. I can’t really fathom that this has an end, unless it is the ending of the Whole Absolute Game of everything. But in the meantime, our steps of Enlightenment come closer and we shift and change in a grand way, even within the receiving of it in the ways that our human minds can comprehend.

So I, along with the Receivers of this, will embark on a journey of discovery of what this IS and how this works, perhaps. As we move through and with the rhythm of the grand scale of events that are the footsteps of enlightenment that are meant to be taken by all of Life Existing. My heart expands just with the Thought of what I am able to transmit and yet, with this, it could not be said that the Giver “understands totally” what this gift is. It is wrapped in something very very, very, very ancient and specific and intelligent. And it always works!

The Board of Knowledge is not connected to any Spiritual path.

There is no religion or Spiritual path that this connects to. It connects to everything and to everyone. It is helping each person in their own specific and individual way, in which they are unfolding in their own steps towards their own enlightenment path. Everyone is on an enlightenment path. When we begin to understand Where things come from and the design of The Game of Life, we can see that there is Intelligence that guides Life in all of its ways from the highest to the lowest. And everything is about growing and becoming more and then returning with that fullness Home, thereby allowing everything to go a step up. Without movement there is stagnation. This is connected to everyone everywhere in how they are doing it! And it helps everyone and everything, guided by a Divine Intelligence that is not easy to comprehend.

Can anyone receive Signs from The Board of Knowledge?

Every single person can receive Signs from The Board of Knowledge. It can also be given to animals, nature, planets, states, countries, land masses and in other ways. It can be said that everyone can be a Receiver, but maybe not everyone could become a Giver.

Can you gift people with this, when they do not know they will be receiving this? Is permission needed?

This is the oldest way of opening up people and people in our Universe and others who have worked with this for millions of years have always done so. No permission is needed. The thing is, everyone no matter what they work with or do are on a path of Enlightenment. Everything from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest planet is on an evolutionary path to higher Spirituality. There is nothing else going on. So, in one way, it is not about free will. Because even if a person says they do not want to grow and become more, this is the name of The Game. They are doing that anyway.

I love it so much. And it has taken my heart into a whole new experience of interaction with Existence!