About The Beyond 5 Education

Taught by Channie and Ariiah

As you probably know and feel, there is a lot more to the story of The Beyond, The Before and The Beginning. Such as, how did The Beginning get its start? And who and what stands in The Beginning and what takes place there? In this class, in one direction, we come to understand more about the True Beginning and downward. But the material will also cover how Everyone and Everything moves in the other direction; from the Color Creations into The Beyond, from Beyond into The Before, and what happens with The Beginning that brings Everyone and Everything back Home.

This whole experience of documenting and writing down all of this Knowledge and information, and the whole writing of all of The Beyond courses has been a journey which has taken us, step by step, to the Higher Levels of Everything and the complete Understanding of Everything. When people (readers) are taking their steps, it cannot be explained from the very beginning exactly how everything really is… That means that there are things that will be explained in a more precise way or even in a different way, as the education unfolds. The Beyond 5 Course unfolds and goes where no course has gone before!

There is a huge gap between what has been revealed so far in the classes, and what more can be said, at this time. In this course more of the “steps” of going back will be taught. This course embraces more of just how Everything goes into Perfection. We have talked about how things exist on levels. In this course we will see how everything exists on levels, and how there are always three, but actually four. In other courses, we have talked about how The Beyond is emptying out. In this course we will also see that Everything has to be emptied out and that goes for everywhere. We will understand how everything is provided for in a Game. We will get an understanding about The Beginning and the Qualities maybe even before that…

If you have gone to Level 4 of the Beyond education please contact Wistancia by email or phone. 650-729-3050.