Five Levels of Beyond Classes

These classes come in five levels. Beyond 1, Beyond 2, Beyond 3, Beyond 4 and Beyond 5. Channie has felt that the best flow is to receive Beyond 1 + 2 together. It is the same with Beyond 3 + 4. But it is not required to study it like that. In fact, there have been a few classes of Beyond 1–4 taught together in 4 days. Beyond 5 sort of stands alone. It is like the cherry on the top!

Each level has written course information about The Beyond, Initiations and Initiation/Meditations that go with it. There are many hidden openings and knowledges behind the words, as it tells the story of the Very Beginning. Each level can be taught in a physical class or in an email correspondence course. In both cases, an authorized teacher with a wide knowledge answers your questions. The classes also contain maps, drawings, and CDs. They can be taught in person or online by having the courses sent to your email box. There are no prerequisites for taking this level of study. An open heart will do!

To attend physical classes taught in Half Moon Bay, CA, with Wistancia, please send an email or call her to find out dates and times. There is no waiting list for correspondence courses through email. These can be purchased at the online store at any time or by phone. The information given in Beyond 1 class is represented by over 75 pages which will be taught in a physical class over 2 days. When receiving it through email, as many questions as a student wants to ask will be answered, by email or phone, for a smoother flow and understanding, for the student. That is why the classes have the same price no matter how they are taught. The Beyond 1 class is $425 US.

With each class, there is a Teacher Force that is used, one or more Initiations (which can be done in the physical or by distance), Initiation/Meditations, and meditations. In addition, Beyond 1 has a basic Map of The Beyond. Beyond 2 has 5 drawings. Beyond 3 has over 20 maps and drawings. Beyond 4 and 5 have CDs and Beyond 5 has many very special drawings, all done by Channie.

What is included in the first Beyond Class

If you have questions about this course, please feel free to call Wistancia at 650-729-3050 or email

If you want to order the course as a correspondence/email course, you can go to the Light Store and order it on line with a credit card, or you can send a US money order to Wistancia Stone, 60 Amesport Landing, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. And as we said, if you want to come to a physical class in Half Moon Bay, CA, please email Wistancia and place your name on a waiting list.

Please read about what is inside the other Beyond courses.