Reflections on The Beyond 5 Education

Simply said, sometimes when utter Truth is spoken and felt and enters the mind, heart, soul and Spirit — there needs to be a moment when time would appear to stand still. So everything from before that pristine moment can bend and reshape itself and settle into a different landscape. When The Beginning and The Prime Level of The Beyond is talked about, it alters the entire reality. Nothing from before would ever be the same. Just the mention of that Existence, even though there is no name for it — shifts and changes every cell in the body. In so many bodies in so many times, we have searched for the seed of our beginningness — for the Seed of All — for what could have begun IT all — the One — the One that lighted the Many. Religions have grasped and pointed to other beginnings that weren't that, but carried hope. Philosophers have grasped certain ideas and stood still there, with them, not capable of crossing over their borders. Teachers have opened the question and played around with the answer without answering it because they did not know. Too far back and not revealed. Spirituality itself has longed for the true tone of Truth; the first note of the symphony to come..

Love's Promise and the promise of Love come face to face when something of this magnitude is spread out, like an elegant picnic event; a treat for all existence. The Beyond education at this level reveals that Everything was always provided, Everything is provided….and in a setting such as Channie's Beyond 5 gathering — what was provided to those who came is something that will only unfold itself softly, slowly, and within time itself.

When there is a gathering, people walk in, sit down, listen and hear, laugh and talk, get distracted, get focused and meditate and explore and on and on and on and then they go home. But after The Beyond 5 gathering, wherever they go, they cannot go back. It just isn’t possible. When people have been touched in this way by this Great Knowledge, they are anointed. They are blessed in a new way. It is not that they are better, or more, than anyone else. But something rare and magical and extremely important, extremely Spiritual, is provided to them in such a way that it lifts them into a new reality and binds them, bonds them, in a unique way with The Levels of The Beyond.

The echo of home in their ears, how could they return to their lives without reflection? And what is reflection and what is being reflected? Could be such a strong Light that everything takes on a new polish, a new gleam, a new sparkle. And when everything takes on a New ness, it can be a little disconcerting to the Old nest that we have flown out of. We would never go back. But there can be an uncomfortable feeling of not knowing exactly how to go forward. To fit ourselves into the rest, into what was before, just days ago… There could be a strange question about the days ahead; their meaning. What to do. Where to go. Who to be. This is momentary and it is a good sign. It means we were touched deeply.

If everything changes, then it changes everything. And even to those of us who seek change and want everything to be real and to reveal itself, with the changes to the very fabric of yesterday, there can be an uncertainty that can feel like tight clothes. It can take the breath away. But there is no going back either. When people have heard certain Truths, and taken in certain Knowledge, it is a point of no return. Then Knowledge can begin to transform into Wisdom.

If a person would be exposed to Divine Truths at this level and then just quietly went back home and picked up where they had just left off… well, then I would wonder if they had really opened up the windows and doors of the Soul and taken in the fresh scent of our Truest Home. I would wonder...but maybe the changes come to each of us, in our own time. Maybe things store up. I believe it is not possible to not totally change after an experience of this magnitude. And what has changed you, will now lead you and you can trust it.

Sometimes, for me, when I view the next True thing, I open my hands like a child and let the old stuff, even the good old stuff, just run out like water out of a child's hand. It is fun to watch it go. For me, it is fun to know you are emptying out and to go ahead and feel being empty, feeling empty, allowing the empty feeling…because, with that, you are filling up with something else.

Some people say they have always known that everything was connected and open. But sometimes you come to an intersection in life and now some things get filled in. The houses and trees and dogs and butterflies and flowers are more filled into the picture and it is no longer just the intersection with cars taking their turns within manmade paths and lines. The everything that is connected becomes somehow more in focus, more detailed, more substantial, more outlined, more colored in, more weighty. and more filled in. Then, and only then, can Reality begin to be understood. Can Truth really shine out like a mirror exposing everything in its place and a place for everything. Then we can begin the journey of understanding and knowing what is truly behind life. That there is a meaning to life and there is a meaning to something even much more than life.

This education is being made available to those who could not come personally to Channie’s gathering about The Beyond 5. Channie’s unique abilities allowed her to energize and embed hidden Initiations and Openings into the CD that was recorded during this splendid class. It holds it all. So if you are reading this, please do not feel you have missed a once-in-a-lifetime- experience. Everyone’s dreams must be fulfilled and it is very important to have dreams and to hold on to them and to know that everything is provided for and everything is possible. If you have a dream about taking in this great Knowledge, a Pre-Initiation, a CD, written papers, and Bigger Initiations performed by Channie will enable this dream to be fulfilled. Just contact me and begin your journey.