Beyond Healing

When I took in the education called Beyond Healing I instantly recognized that it was very very Holy. I believe that it is one of the most important works that I have ever stepped into. I say “stepped into” because it is so tremendously huge that I could never say that I have completed the education. That would be impossible.

This is about a healing that is taken out of the holiness itself to help awaken a Holy quality within us. Channie teaches this course; there are no other teachers. So it is in a class of its own regarding being a “Beyond” class. It is neither healing as we have known healing to be. Nor is it a Beyond education, like any we might have studied. The education of The Beyond began in World 1, Earth, with humans and it has, and is, rapidly growing and expanding upwards and outwards. The Beyond is a true reality where everything and everyone comes from. We are multi-dimensional beings who all had our start in The Beyond. Then we spread out into many bodies for many reasons, and now we are here on Earth also. When I heard that there was a way to “heal” the connection between a person and The Beyond, I knew that I wanted to learn more. Beyond healing heals the bond between a person and where they truly come from; The Beyond; our true home.

This healing is different than any other healings. It is not about healing physical or emotional difficulties. It is more about awakening something that is very special inside of the Beyond Healer and also inside a person who receives Beyond Healing. What does it awaken? You could say it opens up an inner knowing of a belongingness to something far, faraway, before our lives in our Creation. We all have a place where we all came from and it is not just a home planet in a Universe, as we once thought. It is this Reality that was before all of that…I am talking about the faraway Reality of The Beyond. We have all left The Beyond but our Highest Total Enlightened True Self is still there. And the closer we can get to the feeling and experience of The Beyond, the closer we can heal our Self there to our self here.

I am not a teacher of this. But I can perform Beyond Healing. What can happen in a Beyond Healing session? I feel like our true totality and our true life comes from there. So to be able to just tap into the feeling of The Beyond is a wonderful gift. I am not sure what to say about it because it is so huge. It feels like it is trying to describe a whole ocean when you are only standing on the shoreline. But I think it is important and beautiful to feel the feeling of where we originally came from. The Beyond and Beyond Healing both are much more than it would be possible for me to understand or explain. All I know is that we have a Highest Self there and we are here, and if we could connect even a little bit with the Beyond part of ourselves, it is a great blessing and a work that would always be highly valued.

In a Beyond session, it is possible for me to try to locate places where you might have a body. A Beyond Healer can also work with Signs that are from The Beyond that can improve a lot of qualities for us here, in this body, such as Force and Energy and Compassion and Vibration and even Love. A session could be called a method of healing the link between a person and The Beyond. I almost want to say “Their Beyond” because it is a reality place that all of us know in our deep memories. So a Beyond Healer can heal with the Energy of The Beyond, that connects with certain places in The Beyond. If a Beyond Healer knows some or many of their bodies in The Beyond, who they are there, then they can do healing from those “places” or “bodies.” The way I look at it, I would enjoy receiving healing from any place in The Beyond. And, again, the “healing” is making a link or a stronger connection to The Beyond and to ourselves there.

For instance, there is a Holy Mountain in Beyond and that Holy Mountain can bless a person and give out “Holy Mountain Healing” if a Beyond Healer is connected to that place. So a Beyond Healer has the ability to “heal” with the energy of who they are there. They can do healing with The Beyond’s Energy, and their specific role in The Beyond, down to Earth and to a person receiving the Beyond Healing.

The way I see it, everything is about taking steps of Enlightenment and opening up. I know that working with The Beyond has helped me in a million ways to grow. Through this process I have come to feel The Beyond and its levels as my foundation and it has healed a sense of separation from my ultimate home, for me. I do not yet know what Beyond Healing to myself can accomplish. How could I? It is too big to hold that answer. Nor do I have a knowledge of what Beyond Healing given to others can truly accomplish. But I do know that it is beautiful, it is an opportunity, and if we can see or feel or become more of a part of our original origin, it can only be beneficial to our Enlightenment.

This session can be done via distance and perhaps on the telephone. Please contact me for more information.