The Board of Knowledge 3 Water

One of the things that is so wonderful about working with The Board of Knowledge 3 is that Board 3 touches Time and Space. That means it opens up a lot of possibilities. All of The Boards want everyone and everything to find the Perfection of reaching absolute Enlightenment. And they help us within the story of our own individual lives, here. One of the gifts of The Boards is that Board Water can be made and given out. There is a way to make Board 3 Water and it is very, very special to have.

Board 3 Water searches time and space for a solution whenever a drop of it is used. It lifts up everything. Wherever a Drop of Board 3 Water falls, it affects a radius of 60 miles around and is giving out positive and wonderful energy. One Drop lasts 6 months. 8 Drops last 4 years.

Board 3 Water can be used in many ways and always gives a soothing feeling of support, love, strength, upgrading, happiness and care. It can be put into our drinking water, in food, and in everything. You can put it in an animal’s food and water bowl too. It can be used for people, animals and nature. It can be used in fields, schools, homes, buildings, gardens, hospitals, trees, etc. It is nice to sprinkle in your bed, on the floors and rugs in your homes, on jewelry, flowers, crystals, everything.

On food, it can never be too strong. You can put it on food before food is put on a plate or when it is served. You can take Drops individually for yourself or you can put it in water, like in a big container. It is said that the more you dilute it, the stronger it is, in one way. So it is a little like homeopathics in that way. Motion makes it stronger, so it is good to shake it if it is in a jar. If you give it to a lake or an ocean, it is best to do it by the shoreline where there are waves. The motion of the waves makes it even stronger.

Here are some fun uses of The Board 3 Water. You could have a Wish and you can write it down on a small piece of paper and put a Drop on it. In a letter, you can put a drop on the envelope. It will affect the other mail going through our mail system. You can also add a Drop to a present for special energy and harmony. I am still exploring uses of Board 3 Water.

While we are waiting for The Shift to the New Earth, it is an exciting thing to do in the way of preparation and nurturing for Mother Earth, nature, and life here.