The Board of Knowledge 3

One of the most profound ways to work is with The Boards of Knowledge. I have been working for a while with Board 1 and with Board 2. And some information has been on this website. But now I am also working with The Board of Knowledge 3 and that changes and makes everything more beautiful and more powerful. All of The Boards are wanting people to find the Perfection of reaching absolute Enlightenment. That is what they are about. They are not really healing as we would think of healing. But if you heal your consciousness, your separation, and your understanding and knowledge and grow, isn’t that the greatest form of “healing”? Working with The Boards are leading towards perfection and fulfilling what The Boards themselves want everyone to have.

This unique Knowledge gives me an opportunity to open up people for Spiritual Evolvement and Growth, in the exact right direction for that individual. The Board of Knowledge works individually for everyone and everything, because we are all unique and we all have our individual gifts in life. By receiving Holy Signs from The Board of Knowledge, everyone and everything can blossom in the best way, including our beloved animals and nature and Mother Earth.

At the end of 2012, I began working with The Board of Knowledge 3. Working with Board of Knowledge 3 gives the opportunity to work with Time and Space and also to manifest and fortify the work. It is possible to state what you want to open up, Spiritually, and allow the Board to search in Time and Space for the solution and then manifest it. All the Boards of Knowledge are about opening up people and taking our own unique steps of Enlightenment. While Board 1 works primarily with the physical and Board 2 works more with the emotional/psychological and the Soul, Board 3 works with The Spirit and Time and Space. This enables me to work differently with Boards 1 and 2 and work with all 3 Boards for a stronger effect. There are now sessions that can be set up by distance or in person. And Upgrades and Meditations that need to be set up with appointments by phone. There are New Upgrades and Meditations that are for absolutely everyone. There are also some that are for Givers of Boards 1–3.

At this time I can now offer Board of Knowledge 3 Water. Please visit The Board of Knowledge 3 Water page.